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So you want to protect your business - but engaging a lawyer to create a custom contract is expensive. Maybe you're seriously thinking about doing a good ol' Google search and hoping for the best! * In best loudspeaker voice: * "Please step away from Google!" You may be breaching someone else's copyright or using a contract that's just not right for you and your business. We have a solution and it's the next best thing to hiring your own lawyer! In less time than it takes you to Google what you think you need, you can buy our custom contract templates drafted by high-quality, super-awesome lawyers! Not only are our contract templates in-depth, detail-driven, and drafted to be fair to both parties, they are custom-designed, industry-specific contract templates to help your business become legally legit and stay protected! Bonus: they cost a lot less than working one on one with a lawyer. Wins all around.

Our contract templates are drafted by highly qualified lawyers who understand your business pain points because we’ve been there too! The templates are fully customisable, instantly downloadable and even come with user guides. We've built our contract templates to be easily editable in word format so you can use these contract templates again and again. How awesome is that? So no more worrying about having a misunderstanding, when you might get paid, or whether your intellectual property is protected. With our custom templates, we’ve got you covered so you can stay legally legit.

Facebook Group Rules Template
cover muck up for the Facebook Group Rules Template

Facebook Group Rules Template


Intern Agreement Template
Intern Agreement for hiring unpaid interns

Intern Agreement Template


Confidentiality Agreement Contract Template - NDA
Confidentiality Agreement Contract Template | NDA

Confidentiality Agreement Contract Template - NDA


Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook


Tricks of the Trade Mark Checklist
Tricks of the Trade Mark Checklist

Tricks of the Trade Mark Checklist


Services Agreement for Health Professionals

When you're a professional within the health industry, it's important to have an agreement that protects your clients from potential problems. Our Service Agreement Template for Health Professionals will help ensure the safety of participants, clients or patients in case anything goes wrong and can be customised specifically with their needs so they always know what rights are being preserved by both parties involved. 

This easy-to-use template will take care of all your legal needs so you can focus on doing what matters most: making a positive impact in people's lives. Check out our Service Agreement Template for Health Professionals today.

Essential Legal Kit For Health Professionals

We have an essential kit for professionals like yourself. This nifty legal kit for health professionals includes all the legal documentation to ensure your services are carried out legally and with integrity.

Our industry-specific legal kit for health professionals covers just about any professional service imaginable. It includes information on website terms and conditions to keep things tidy on-site, as well a privacy policy so people can feel safe when they visit or engage with your business and so much more.

Essential Website Kit for Health Professionals

This is a must-have for any health business that offers services online. It enables you to reduce your exposure and liability by ensuring the terms and conditions are up-to-date. It also explains how personal information will be collected from visitors in accordance with Australian privacy laws (including GDPR).

The legal kit for health professionals offers super important website terms and conditions and a privacy policy that reduces your business’s exposure to risk. It covers you from any potential visitors who aren't out doing the right thing, which is something we know can happen! This bad boy has been made specifically for websites so there's no extra fluff or messing around with things like the layout.

Consultation Terms and Conditions

This handy Consultation Terms and Condition will ensure your clients are aware of their obligations to you, and it works hand-in-hand with other policies like the Website T&Cs or Privacy Policy.

The terms and conditions set out in this document are for the use of any health professionals who provide initial consultations. There's also an opportunity to order additional services such as personalised programs, if desired - just let us know what your needs are when you first contact us. Updated your terms of service using our Consultation Terms and Condition Template today. 

Health Waiver

The Health Waiver is a great way to ensure you’re protected if anything goes wrong. It also alerts participants of things they need to be aware of, such as not exceeding their personal limits and keeping workout space free from hazards like weights that could pose an injury risk.

You can quickly and easily integrate a signed consent form into your website. Or, upload it to an online portal for easy access by clients who want their signatures on paper or electronically submitted invoices – whichever you prefer.

Website Terms and Conditions Template for Health Professionals

Website terms and conditions are a great way to protect you from any potential lawsuits as an individual or business owner. However, when it comes down to your website, these documents need to be completed, with care, to look good and cover all important points about how visitors can use services on-site while protecting their own personal information.

Facebook Group Rules Template

Keep your Facebook group safe with these simple rules! These regulations will ensure that you can use testimonials for promotional purposes, protect IP and keep members happy. It’s a win-win when you use our legal kits for health professionals.

Privacy Policy Template for Health Professionals

Health professionals need to be careful when it comes to collecting personal information. While they are required by law in most cases, if you share your details with the public as a company, everyone has an equal right for clarity on what happens after that. Our Privacy Policy will help health care providers stay legal while still providing customers with trustworthiness and security.

Health Service Agreement, Health Service Legal Agreement Templates

If you are interested in learning more about legal contracts, contact our team today and book a consultation. We will be more than happy to help you get your health business started or help you with your existing one.

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