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Promoting your brand can be an intricate affair, but with the right tools, the path becomes clearer. Whether you're running a contest, seeking sponsors for an event, or setting up partnerships for your podcast, it's crucial to ensure that all legal bases are covered. Fortunately, we're here to help. Our collection of marketing, media, and promotion templates, designed by lawyers. This collection features essential templates like Competition Terms & Conditions, Sponsorship Agreements, and Podcast Sponsorship Agreements, ensuring that your marketing efforts are not only creative but also compliant. With these templates, you can focus on amplifying your brand while we safeguard your projects and partnerships.

Why businesses love snuggling into these legal templates like a bean bag

As you dive into the complexities of marketing campaigns or promotional events, legal protection becomes as critical as your creative strategy. Our collection of marketing, media, and promotion templates provides the legal framework you need to secure your initiatives and clarify agreements. From Competition Terms & Conditions to Sponsorship Agreements and Podcast Sponsorship Agreements, our templates ensure that your projects are fully protected.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are testimonials from marketing professionals and media planners who have used our legal templates to navigate their campaigns with confidence, ensuring they’re legally covered every step of the way.

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“My service agreement makes onboarding clients so much easier, more professional and stress-free.”

Keely Oldaker
Digital Marketing and Advertising

"Covered all areas I needed as someone who offers a variety of services. Clear instructions in the video run-through made it easy to understand and implement in the template."


"We've been using this template for years and it is SO detailed. Every single time we need to rely on our solid contract we know we have it covered and it's made life so much easier for us and our clients. Other templates don't even come close to these with the included guides and must-have updates included even after you've purchased. This contract is hands down the best investment we've ever made."

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  • Ecommerce Businesses
  • Brands
  • Social media agencies

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Podcast Sponsorship Agreement

Unlock the full potential of your podcast with our Podcast Sponsorship Agreement Template. This user-friendly template provides podcast producers with a clear and professional framework to establish successful sponsorship agreements. Maximise monetisation opportunities, streamline sponsor relationships, and ensure both parties are aligned on expectations. Take your podcast to new heights with our customisable and legally legit Podcast Sponsorship Agreement template. 

Our Podcast Sponsorship Agreement Template is designed to simplify the process of securing and managing sponsorships for your podcast. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, this template provides a solid foundation for fostering beneficial partnerships. It covers all essential aspects of a sponsorship agreement, from promotion and brand representation to exclusivity and event participation. By utilising our template, you can maintain professionalism, protect your interests, and enhance the overall sponsor experience. 

Streamline your podcast sponsorship process and secure valuable partnerships with our Podcast Sponsorship Agreement Template. Unlock new revenue streams, enhance professionalism, and establish mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors. Don't miss out on monetisation opportunities—get started today with our easy-to-use template. 

So, why wait? Get your hands on the Podcast Sponsorship Agreement Template today and elevate your podcasting game! 

IMPT: Whilst the template is specific, it is a template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Sponsorship Agreement

Create impactful partnerships with our Sponsorship Agreement Template, tailored for creatives and entrepreneurs organising events. This Sponsorship Agreement template ensures a smooth collaboration between you and your sponsors, covering payments, intellectual property, confidentiality, and behaviour expectations, suitable for both in-person and virtual events. 

Navigate sponsorships with confidence using our tailor-made Sponsorship Agreement Template. Designed for creatives, educators, and entrepreneurs, this template facilitates clear, effective partnerships for any event. It goes beyond the basics to include behavior expectations, ensuring a professional and respectful collaboration. From intimate workshops to buzzing membership events, whether your event is virtual or in-person, this template adapts to your needs, providing a solid legal foundation for engaging with sponsors.  

This template is crafted to be adaptable, ensuring that whether your event is in-person or virtual, small scale or a larger production, you have the legal groundwork in place for successful and professional sponsor partnerships. 

IMPT: Whilst the template is specific, it is a template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Competition Terms & Conditions Template

Make sure your competition kicks off without a hitch using our Competition Terms and Conditions Template, designed to ensure you stay on the right side of Facebook and Instagram aka META! Let's embark on this adventure together and make your competition shine brighter than a disco ball at a dance-off. Purchase our Competition Terms and Conditions Template now and get ready to unleash your inner competition maestro! 

Are you worried your competition is non-compliant?  Not sure what rules you have to follow, it's all too confusing?  Look no further than our Competition Terms and Conditions Template! 

Our customisable Competition Terms and Conditions cover all the essential elements of running a competition without breaking the rules, including details such as entry rules, prize distribution, marketing consents and more. It is designed to cater to competitions of any size or type. With our Competition Terms and Conditions template, you can have peace of mind, knowing that all the critical aspects are addressed, reducing the risk of disputes and legal complications. 

Don't let the complexities of running a competition hinder you from creating an outstanding experience for your participants. Elevate your competition efforts with our Competition Terms and Conditions Template and focus on what truly matters - delivering an unforgettable competition that fulfills your objectives and exceeds participants' expectations and generates brand awareness and engagement for you. 

So, why wait? Begin planning your competition today by utilising our Competition Terms and Conditions Template and take the first step towards a successful competition. With our user-friendly template, you can ensure that your competition runs smoothly. Click the link below to access our Competition Terms and Conditions Template now! 

IMPT: This is a general template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements. NOTE: Depending on the type of competition you run, your competition may be subject to additional rules and regulations which vary between States and Territories.

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