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Voice-Over Services Agreement


Are you a voice-over artist looking to protect your interests while providing stellar services? Look no further! Our Voice-Over Agreement Template is here to save the day (and your voice). This template ensures that both you and your clients are on the same page, leaving no room for miscommunication or misunderstandings. So, let's dive in and see what this template has to offer. 


Our Voice-Over Agreement Template is a carefully crafted document designed to safeguard your voice-over business. It covers all the essential aspects of your professional relationship with clients, leaving no stone unturned. From payment terms to intellectual property rights, confidentiality to termination clauses, we've got you covered. This template provides the peace of mind you need to focus on delivering outstanding voice-over services while ensuring your rights and interests are protected. 

About the Template 
Created by lawyers and peer reviewed by other lawyers for quality assurance, this fill in the blanks template can be ready within 15 minutes or less, ready for you to copy and paste into your system and send to your client for them to sign. 
What’s included? 

Your template purchase includes: 

  • Fill in the blanks Template in Word format  
  • Template User Guide pdf – walking you through your template 
  • Single user licence to edit, use and reuse the template as often as you need for your business 
  • BONUS: Future template updates 
  • BONUS: Video Guide – This video walkthrough is designed to guide you step-by-step through the template, providing clear instructions and assistance to help you successfully complete it with a few tips thrown in for good measure! 

Key Features

Clear and concise language: No more confusing legalese! 

Coverage of key areas

Payment terms: Clearly define how and when payments will be made. 

Obligations: setting out each party’s obligations to ensure no misunderstandings as to who is responsible for what! 

Scope of work: Specify the services to be provided and project deliverables. 

Intellectual property protection: Safeguard ownership rights and usage permissions. 

Dispute resolution: Establish a framework for resolving any conflicts that may arise. 

Confidentiality: Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information shared during the project. 

Warranties and indemnities: Address any warranties provided and outline indemnification obligations. 

Customisable template: Easily tailor the agreement to meet your specific requirements and so much more! 

For Who

  • Voice-over artists of all experience levels 
  • Freelancers looking to establish solid legal agreements with their clients 
  • Agencies or studios seeking a reliable template to streamline their client onboarding process for voice over services 

If you offer: voice over services for commercials, audiobooks, animations, video games, e-learning modules, and more. 


Purchasing our fill in your blanks templates for you to customise and ensure they suit you and your business needs, utilising our free resources or having a chat with us as part of a consultation doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Foundd Legal (sorry!). It also doesn’t constitute legal advice. Please consult with a lawyer for any questions. 

We do offer templates for countries outside of Australia, you will see on the specific template page which country or countries the template is available for, just make your selection! Unfortunately at this time, we are only offering templates for the countries specified.  

Our templates are however customisable for countries outside of Australia, and whilst they are a good base and potentially save you money getting something created from scratch, it would be prudent to have a lawyer in your country to review the template especially if you have any questions. 
You get a single user licence and can re-use the templates you purchase as many times as you want for your own business needs! But keep in mind we’re a small business just like you, offering a service and we need more people like you to help us continue to grow - just like you!  So from the bottom of our humble hearts, thank you for making a legit purchase and not sharing!  Use of this Site and your purchase of any digital products or downloading of any free resources, are subject to our Terms and Conditions. 

Have more questions?  Read our FAQs 


Q: What is the Voice Over Agreement Template? 

A: The Voice Over Agreement Template is a contract template specifically designed for voice over artists and professionals. It serves as a contract between the artist and their clients, outlining important terms and conditions related to the voice over services provided. 

Q: Why do I need a Voice Over Agreement Template? 

A: Having a Voice Over Agreement Template is essential for establishing clear expectations and protecting your rights as a voice over artist. It helps avoid misunderstandings, ensures timely payments, defines project scope, and addresses key legal aspects of the working relationship.   

Q: Is the template customisable to my specific needs? 

A: Absolutely! The Voice Over Agreement Template is designed to be flexible and customizable. You can tailor it to your unique requirements by adding or modifying clauses, incorporating your branding, and adapting it to different types of voice over projects.   

Q: What key areas does the template cover? 

A: The template covers crucial areas such as payment terms, project scope, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, dispute resolution, warranties, indemnities, and termination provisions. It provides coverage to safeguard your interests.   

Q: Can the template be used for different types of voice over projects? 

A: Yes, the Voice Over Agreement Template is adaptable to various types of voice over projects, including commercials, audiobooks, animations, video games, e-learning modules, and more. It provides a solid foundation for any client engagement. 

Q: Will the template help me protect my intellectual property rights? 

A: Absolutely! The template includes clauses specifically addressing intellectual property rights. It ensures that you retain ownership of your voice over recordings until all fees have been paid and provides guidelines for the permitted usage by the client.  

Q: How does the template handle payment terms? 

A: The Voice Over Agreement Template specifies the payment terms agreed upon between you and your client. It outlines the amount, due dates, and any applicable late payment fees or penalties, ensuring you receive timely compensation for your services. 

Q: Is the template suitable for both freelancers and voice over agencies? 

A: Absolutely! The Voice Over Agreement Template is suitable for freelancers as well as voice over agencies. It provides a professional framework for client engagements, regardless of the size or structure of your business. 

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