Frequently asked questions

Why Foundd Legal?

Foundd Legal keeps it real and keeps it simple. We’re here to help creative startups, entrepreneurs, small business and influencers wrap their heads around the confusing, frustrating and sometimes convoluted world of law. You’re reading these FAQs, so we’re guessing that’s you! We aim to make starting your business easy, fuss free and dare we say - fun, by providing you with resources and legal services, both packaged and a la carte, perfect for your business! We’re straight-shooting, accessible and uncomplicated. We want to be your wingmen. Your sidekicks. Your go-to for all things #nextgenlaw 

Are you a law firm?

Yes! Foundd Legal may not be brick and mortar, but we’re the real deal. We’re a law firm that runs our business online so there are less overheads, which means we can save you money!  We offer online services that don’t include legal advice and we offer custom services that can include legal advice. Basically, we are your legal bestie who works with you to help your business succeed.

What makes you different from other law firms?

Foundd Founder and Principal Riz McDonald knows law, understands its complexities and has over 15 years of experience to back you. She’s also set up and run ecommerce businesses to 6 figure ecommerce business and growing. Riz understands business. She gets the scary, she gets the complicated and she understands where you’re coming from as a business and as a human being out to create something awesome!

We do law differently. We help people like you succeed without breaking the bank. We don’t waste your time, we get to know you as a person and as a brilliant mind so we can help your business grow. We don’t treat you like encyclopaedias. We get that legal jargon is complex, so we stay approachable and make learning about law when it comes to your business attainable. We don’t beat around the bush, we tell it like it is and expect you to do the same. Transparency is key. We want to get to know you and smash apart those lawyer stereotypes! We love dorky questions. We dig deep to find the answers you need so your business is always one step ahead of the curve. We also like wine. Is that worth sharing in the FAQs? We think so.

Do you charge by the hour?

No, we operate on a fixed fee basis. No scary hidden costs here!  You pay what you see advertised on our website www.founddlegal.com.au. We’re so not into that sketchy added-costs-under-your-nose sort of deal. Plus, if you want something custom we can make that happen, just call us and we can quote you for the work that you need. How’s that for a fair deal!?

Are the templates legal?

Absolutely! All of our templates have been drafted by experienced lawyers who hold an Australian legal practising certificate. We’re the real deal, friend! Once your template has been set up using our software, you’ll get a document ready for you to have signed. Easy as that!

Can I share my template?

No, sirree. Though you can re-use the templates you purchase as many times as you want for your own business needs! But keep in mind we’re a small business just like you, offering a service and we need more people like you to help us continue to grow - just like you!  So from the bottom of our humble hearts, thank you for making a legit purchase and not sharing!

Why should I buy from you when I can copy and paste?

Sure you can do that, it’s definitely cheaper, but you are making promises to your customers about something that might not relate to your business at all.  When the terms you have just copied may be inconsistent and not reflect the goods or services you actually offer.

What do you do??

We make your business life easier. When it comes to law, waaaay easier. We help creatives, brands and businesses stay legally legit! We offer affordable, fancy free (dare we say fun?) templates for all of that boring legal paperwork so your company is covered, whether you want to engage an influencer and make sure your marketing goes out to plan or if you want to hire a VA or freelancer and ensure you own any copyright and to top it off we give you simple to follow guides to help you keep your business running smoothly and above board. We even give you the option of having your own personal lawyer on tap who’s easy breezy to deal with, makes law fuss free and throws the legal jargon out the window so you feel safe, confident and in the know.  

How do I get started after my 1:1 consult?

We’ll send you a quick little questionnaire so you can tell us more about your business, that way we know what super cool legal products and services we can offer you.

Do I have to come to your office?

Nope! You don’t have to get into your car or hit up public transport to travel an hour, pay for parking and then come meet with us. Lame! With us, you can totally stay in your pjs! Thanks to technology we can call you, use Zoom...we can even have a pj party! Well. Maybe.

Which locations do you service?

We are Brisbane based, but thanks to technology, we provide legal advice to people and businesses all around Australia. How awesome is that!?

What if I'm based outside of Australia?

Our lawyers are only qualified to provide advice in Australia.  Unfortunately we can’t offer advice on matters relating to the laws of other countries. We love other countries! We just don’t legally speak their law languages!

Can I use your templates if I live outside of Australia?

Our templates are customisable for countries outside of Australia, however you will need a lawyer in your jurisdiction to review the template especially if you have any questions.

What if your website doesn't have what I need?

If you’re looking for something that’s not on our website, just complete the form here [LINK] and set up a free strategy call with us. Who doesn’t love a strategy call? From there we can see what we can do to help simplify your life. 

What if I feel like buying a template at 2am?

You can buy these 24/7 from anywhere in the world! So late night shop away!  If you run into any issues just get in touch with support and we’ll help you out at no extra cost. 

How long does it take to complete a template?

Depending on the template you’ve purchased, it can take between 5 and 10 minutes. So. Quick. And. Easy.

What is your refund policy?

The template is an instant download so there are no refunds.  However, we want you to be 100% happy so please email us if you have any issues at hello@founddlegal.com

How do I pay you?

For Templates

For templates documents you pay immediately using a credit card (we accept mastercard, visa) or PayPal.  

For Custom Work

For products and services that are customised and/or incorporate legal advice, you pay upon completion of the work.  We’ll send you an invoice when the work is complete and as soon as you pay, we’ll release your work. Fair enough, right?

How do I contact you?

You can contact us via this form or via our chat bot and someone will contact you within 24 hrs or less. We love to chat. For real.

I can't sign into my account, what should I do?

Contact us here or via our chat bot and someone will be in touch real soon.

Do you review contracts I already have?

Yes we do! We offer a contract review service, with the cost based on the number of pages we’ll be required to review. Contact us here for more info!

How many reviews will my custom contract drafting include?

We’ll undertake two rounds of reviews with you to make sure that we’ve covered on any minor changes after the initial review and drafting.  Just note that if you keep changing your mind and need more changes, then there will be an additional charge based on the amount of time it takes us to make those amendments. But don’t worry, as we said before, no surprises. We’ll discuss and agree upon those additional costs before proceeding. 

Are you my lawyer if I use this website or buy something online?

Nope. We’re not acting as your lawyer and no lawyer-client relationship is created if you buy a template or a package on our Site. We think you’re great, but a deeper, more meaningful relationship is a whole next level thing you’d have to chat with us about. If you need legal advice, you can get in touch with us at Foundd Legal and enter into a lawyer-client agreement. If you’re not based in Australia, we appreciate your thinking we’re cool, but reach out to a lawyer that’s qualified to give advice in your jurisdiction. 

When do you become my lawyer?

After you’ve accepted our proposal for custom services unique to your specific needs and entered into a lawyer-client agreement with Foundd Legal Pty Ltd, we’re officially in a lawyer-client relationship. Aww, so cute!

Any legal advice  provided under a lawyer-client agreement, will be  in accordance with the Legal Profession Act 2007 and associated rules and regulations and not these Terms.  Foundd Legal will provide you with specific documentation in relation to the lawyer-client agreement by separate communication.

If you become my lawyer do the terms of use still apply?

If you accept a proposal for legal services unique to your specific needs and enter into a lawyer-client agreement (aww, still cute!), then the terms of that agreement will apply. However, they’ll only apply to the extent that you use the Website to access the Products or Services, and will operate in conjunction with any lawyer-client agreement. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and a term in any lawyer-client agreement, the terms of the lawyer-client agreement will prevail. That’s just boring legal talk to say the lawyer-client agreement rules for anything that’s customised for you.