Speaking & Events

Did you know…?  
Listening to lawyers speak can actually be fun! Even better? It can be game-changing.

When you’ve got the right one for the job, that is.

Hi there! I’m Riz. I’m glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or you run a business, course or membership that supports entrepreneurs, new professionals or small biz owners, it’s time we talk. As leaders, the ability to arm your clients or members with knowledge that helps keep their business and livelihood protected can be a growth game-changer. If you can accomplish this with laughter and step away from overbearing legal doom and gloom, they’re bound to step up and get legally legit with a song in their heart. Or at the very least, with confidence rather than fear.  Fortunately, this type of legal speaking is exactly where I excel.


Podcast chats range from hot convos about the game-changing impact of a growth mindset and setting yourself up mentally for success to legal tips and tricks that you can utilise to streamline your business for greater success. Strategies like trade marking your business and proper contract negotiation can save you time and boost that bank account!



To ensure my masterclass is as relevant and impactful as possible, I discuss with those requesting my services exactly what their members need. My presentation incorporates these needs alongside additional legal requirements that are relevant to their membership/course and covers topics such as:

  • How to protect your Intellectual Property - focusing on copyright and trade marks 
  • Contracts/Agreements - focusing on key terms 
  • Termination 
  • Website T&Cs/Privacy Policy and why you need them 
  • Building an email database the legally legit way  

Together, we explore the ways in which you can incorporate these legal necessities into work and study strategies so members can grow their business and thrive while staying legally legit.


Speaking Engagements

It’s all about bringing business and legal knowledge and inspiration! Through my speaking engagements, I have the pleasure of showing other lawyers that there is no such thing as one career path in law and that a firm should be treated as a business. I have the joy of providing legal and business strategies to new biz owners to help them thrive. I share my bumps in the road and lessons I’ve learned along the way to remind future business and legal superstars that anything is possible.