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Easy, Fast & Legally Legit Legal Templates for Bookkeepers

Mastering the world of bookkeeping requires not only a keen eye for detail but also a deep understanding of financial landscapes. As a bookkeeper, you're at the heart of your clients' financial operations, ensuring precision in every ledger entry and financial report. But beyond numbers, it's vital to ensure your services are legally protected.

Why bookkeepers love these legal templates more than a perfectly balanced spreadsheet

Just like finding that elusive missing penny that balances the books, our legal templates bring that "Eureka!" moment to your bookkeeping practice. Dive into them like a pile of crisp, fresh spreadsheets — knowing that each clause and condition is as meticulously crafted as your own financial reports. Enjoy the thrill of flawless financials and legal security combined! 

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from other bookkeeping professionals who are already using this template to feel legally secure (read: confident, protected, and focused). 

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"Easy to use templates that have you covered!"

Bookkeeping by Jane

"The support from Foundd is incredible, the templates are provided along with easy to follow instructions but I also love that I can book in with someone from their team to determine the best templates for our needs and additional clauses."


"The online templates offered by Foundd Legal are nothing short of amazing. The templates are thoughtfully designed, ensuring that users, regardless of their legal background, can navigate and understand the intricacies of the documents. We highly recommend.

Bodywise Wellness
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Bookkeeper Includes

Curious which bookkeeping professionals are already benefiting from these templates? Take a look!   

  • Independent Bookkeepers 
  • Bookkeeping Agencies 
  • Tax Preparation Services 
  • Freelancers 
  • Virtual Assistants whose sole focus is numbers 
  • Anyone offering professional bookkeeping services

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Services Agreement for Bookkeepers

We’re not going to lie, you’re a wizard with numbers. You balance books like a pro and know exactly how to manage financial records for maximum efficiency. Still think managing legalities is too hectic? We’ve got just what you need! 

Our Bookkeeper Services Agreement is the template you need. In this Bookkeeping Services Agreement template, you’ll find everything from detailed terms of service to confidentiality clauses, all designed specifically for bookkeeping professionals. We'll guide you through your obligations to your clients, ensuring all financial transactions are secure.  

The Bookkeeping Services Agreement Template is tailored to the unique needs of your profession to maximise your potential. Our Bookkeeper Services Agreement is fully customisable to help build proposals and documents exactly how your business needs them. 

Key Features

  • Payment Terms: For clear, timely compensation in bookkeeping engagements. 
  • Defined Bookkeeping Scope: Prevents scope creep, setting firm service limits. 
  • Confidentiality Clauses: Secures sensitive financial information. 
  • Adaptable for Various Clients: Tailor the contract to fit specific bookkeeping scenarios. 
  • Clear Termination Procedures: For ending bookkeeping contracts smoothly. 
  • Refund and cancellation provisions 
  • A completely customisable proposal that sets out the specifics 
  • BAS Agent and Tax Agent Provisions: Our template provides wording that is optional to cater for both registered and non-registered BAS/Tax Agents based in your professional status so you can customise accordingly. 
  • BONUS Document: Internet Banking Access Authorisation form: for bookkeepers requiring access to clients' bank accounts, ensuring secure and authorised transactions. 
  • BONUS Document: BAS Agent Authority Form: A crucial inclusion for managing BAS-related tasks effectively, especially for registered agents. 

IMPT: Whilst this template has been crafted with bookkeepers in mind, it may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Essential Website Kit for Service Providers

Navigating the legal landscape of your online business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our Website Kit is crafted specifically for service providers looking to secure their online presence quickly and efficiently. With clear Website Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy, you’re not just protecting your site; you’re building trust with your visitors.

Just personalise with anything specific to your business, publish on your site, and feel confident that your digital domain is safeguarded.

Who can benefit?

This kit is a perfect match if you own a service-based website. Whether you're a creative, a consultant, a coach, or any professional in between, this kit simplifies the process of becoming legally compliant. It's designed to provide you with the essential tools you need, making your website ready to meet legal standards and visitor expectations with ease.

IMPT: This is a general template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Website Terms & Conditions for Service Providers

Ensuring your website operates within the legal boundaries is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Website Terms & Conditions template is specifically designed for service providers who need to secure their online operations efficiently. This template clarifies the rules and expectations for your website’s users, protecting both you and your visitors.

Implementing these terms is straightforward: just customise with your specific details, integrate them into your website, and you're ready to engage with your audience confidently and safely.

Who benefits the most?

If you're managing a service-oriented website, these Terms & Conditions are essential. Ideal for creatives, consultants, coaches, or any professional who interacts with clients online, this document ensures that every interaction on your website is governed by clear, fair rules. It's not just about compliance; it's about creating a trustworthy environment where your business can thrive.

IMPT: This is a general template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Privacy Policy for Service Providers 

It's worth noting that while it's not strictly compulsory for small businesses earning under a certain threshold under the Australian privacy laws to have a privacy policy, it can be a valuable asset. For example, major companies like Google and Facebook (aka Meta) expect businesses to have one.

Having a privacy policy isn't just about legal compliance; it also plays a vital role in building trust and maintaining a professional image. When you collect personal information from customers and transparently inform them about how you handle their data, it fosters trust. It shows that you take their privacy seriously and are committed to protecting their sensitive information.

Your privacy policy serves as a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions for how personal information is handled. Ensuring it aligns with both Australian law and the European Union (EU) GDPR. This Privacy Policy for Service Providers has a comprehensive and unambiguous explanation of everything, leaving no room for interpretation or uncertainty.

IMPT: This is a general template and may not encompass all unique aspects or specific needs of your particular situation, so ensure to review and customise to suit your specific needs and requirements.

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Bookkeeping Contracts, Templates & More 

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