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Creatives & Online Business Owners

Masterclasses for Creatives and Online Businesses: Learn, Grow, and Protect Your Work 

Navigating the legal landscape as a creative can be daunting. That's why we've curated a series of masterclasses tailored specifically for creatives like you, tackling common legal concerns and pain points in the industry. Whether you're worried about copyright issues, need help drafting contracts, or want to learn more about protecting your work, our masterclasses have you covered.

Why Creatives and Business Owners Can’t Get Enough of Our Masterclasses

Just like the thrill of a breakthrough in your creative projects, our masterclasses offer that moment of clarity and empowerment. Dive into topics like "Copyright vs. Copywrong," where you can learn the ins and outs of intellectual property rights, ensuring your creations are protected under the law. Our expert-led sessions are designed not just to inform, but to transform your approach to the business side of creativity.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from creatives and business owners who are already benefiting from our masterclasses:

"I have just finished watching the module you featured in and I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you shared with us, I found it all very helpful and it certainly answered a lot of questions I had. "


"Was very informative and loved to get straight into things. "

Jacqui F.

"Loved your presentation Riz, was extremely thorough and jampacked with value! "

Fi M.
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Creatives & Online Businesses Includes

Wondering which online business owners and creatives are already benefiting from these masterclasses? Here’s a peek: 

  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs 
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Content Creators 
  • Graphic Designers 
  • Copywriters 
  • Social Media Consultants 
  • Web Designers 
  • Coaches and Consultants 

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Unleash Your Copyright Superpowers with our Copyright vs Copywrong Masterclass! 

Calling all creative minds and entrepreneurs! Take control of your intellectual property and deter copycats with our comprehensive masterclass.  

What to expect: 

- Understand the differences between copyright and trademark. 

- Learn methods to avoid infringing on others' copyrights. 

- Discover strategies to monetise and maximise the value of your Intellectual Property. 

- Gain insights on protecting your content while sharing it. 

- Understand the risks associated with copyright infringement. 

- Learn how to identify and act on copyright infringements. 

- Find out the steps to stop copycats effectively. 

Presented by Riz, a seasoned expert in Australian copyright law, this masterclass provides you with the essential tools to safeguard your creations effectively. 

Bonus: You'll receive our exclusive Tricks of the Trade Mark Checklist for free. 

Riz's expertise, typically valued at $800 per hour, is available for just $55 in this masterclass. 

Don't let your creativity go unprotected—seize the opportunity and enrol in today's masterclass to elevate your copyright knowledge! 

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Business Contracts, Templates and more

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