Build Your Digital Product Empire

Transform your online business with mentoring to unlock revenue streams with digital products. Our business accelerator is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs eager to scale efficiently, whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing business. Scaling efficiently from the ground up without the need for a physical office, a large team, or a significant investment.


The first 12 months in your own business are the toughest (if they don’t break you)

No one told you that imposter syndrome would follow you home, while you’re still trying to figure out this whole business thing (rude).

So you’ve joined a couple of Facebook groups, yet no one’s answering your questions. And any time friends or fam ask about how your business is going, you have to grin and bear it because you’re either (a) snowed under with client work and shouldn’t be outta the house, or (b) praying your credit card doesn’t decline at lunch.

Business owners like you

“Before Riz, I was a mess. 
I had no idea how to actually make money.”

Lucy T

“I had too many clients but could barely pay the bills. I was at a complete bottle neck in my business with no way out.”


“I worked every weekend for 6 months.
There was no escaping my schedule.
What could I do?”


What if you could

Rake in consistent sales

Replace your one on one income

Scale without overwhelm, stress or bonkers hours

Experience the freedom to spend guilt-free time with fam and friends

Gain respect and grow your reputation without spenny overheads

All 100% online

BOOM! It’s possible, and closer than you think. How do I know?

I grew Foundd Legal to multiple 6 figures in under 2 years, starting with nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection, laptop, get-shit-done attitude, kitchen bench and my son’s borrowed gamer headset (true story).

Why pay rent when you don’t have to? Why invest in expensive software if you actually don’t need it?

Who says we have to scale our business the traditional way? With the right processes, you can.

Scale your business however the bloody hell you like.

Which means long lunches become a thing (with a chorus of online sale pings as you nibble). And guilt-free family commitments (where you knock off early because you can). Even paying zero rent (and investing in things that actually move your business forward). Save $$$ with a lean business model, make more money without the overheads of a bricks and mortar business, experience true freedom and grow a (profitable) business you LOVE.

Hey, I’m Riz. Lover of a cheeky wine, mum of two and founder of Foundd Legal

Like you, I’ve busted my chops working corporate. The long hours, the RIP social life, the asshole bosses – I get it. After 15+ years building other people’s dreams, I cottoned onto the fact that freedom wasn’t an option, let alone flexibility (you know something’s up when you beg to go to your kid’s swimming carnival then panic during every lap about whether you’ll make it back to your desk on time).

When I started Foundd, I knew the conventional scale wasn’t for me.

I wanted to be able to set my own hours, spend time with my kids, and not be tied down to an office, while genuinely helping creative business owners get legally legit. I proudly scaled Foundd to multiple 6 figures in less than 2 years (and to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I’ve scaled an ecomm business to 6 figures too, so there’s that). I spent thousands on coaching, training, outsourcing, hiring fails and time-wasting detours. Now, I’m here to help you avoid the scenic route and fast-track your online business’s success. If you’re an action-taker who means business, *really* wants to scale and will do whatever it takes to get there, I’m your gal. Let’s do this!

I was an 8-year old selling old dolls on the sidewalk when I had my aha moment

Now I run a business that’s grown 274% percent in just two years.

Here’s how

As Foundd Legal's founder, I cut through legalese to empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Rejecting outdated models, we've crafted  legal services business that's innovative and relatable, helping your business grow with transparency, humanity, and strategic insight.

Admittedly, my journey wasn’t easy.

But who’s ever heard of a successful business leader that didn’t run up against challenges to ultimately reach their potential? I knew from the moment I resold old dolls for a profit when I was 8 years old that I was meant to think big. That being said, the biggest challenge I came up against when I started Foundd was myself. Working in a field that had decades of pre-conceived notions of what being a lawyer meant, of what a law firm ought to look like, created self-belief roadblocks along the way. But I knew that there had to be a better way to use the gifts that I had. I wanted to make law accessible. I wanted to help people help themselves. I wanted to help other businesses thrive. And boy, did I want to kick the brick and mortar, male dominated law firm concept to the curb.

So I did. I did all of those things. I still do! And I love every minute of it!

With the support of incredible and inspiring women, Foundd grew and became an extension of who I am and what I want to give back. Not only are Foundd’s brand values the key to its success, but they also happen to be the values I live by. Simplicity, Human, Transparency, and Curiosity are what I work to offer my clients every day as I empower them to get legally legit and stay protected. It’s how I show up in podcasts, what I share in masterclasses and what I offer the next generation of legal professionals. I encourage them to learn, grow and see their mistakes as steps toward greater potential. As long as they’re legally protected along the way!

The journey to success isn’t easy.

But with the right tools, knowledge and support in place, I truly believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Talking Numbers

Introducing the Digi-Commerce Academy

Achieve a laptop lifestyle, making money in your sleep by scaling your online business without the overheads of traditional setups. Over a 6 month period, this program teaches you to automate and profit, leveraging your intellectual property and converting it into digital products for continuous income.

HERE'S WHAT'S INSIDE | $2995 (incl GST) per month

Action Plan

90 Minute kick off strategy session [valued at $1000] to assess where your business is at, and where do you want it to be? We’ll set out exactly what to do to get there.

6 x 60-Minute Monthly 1:1 calls

[valued at $4800]
Based on your action plans, I’ll keep you accountable with monthly calls and help you troubleshoot any challenges – my brains on your biz!


Me in your corner (voice & text message) during business hours.

Content Review

I’ll personally review (or brainstorm ideas for!) your marketing content, like socials and blogs.


[Priced at $595] Terms and Conditions templates specific to your industry.


[Priced at $375] Website T&Cs + Privacy Policy template specific to your industry.

If you’re ready to show up and do the work, this is for you.

What you’ll master

Whether you’re just starting out, or a year in and ready to take your business online, we'll elevate your business within 12 months with a customised strategy that may include


Introduce digital products that help more dream clients without the heavy lifting.


Never feel left behind on socials, waste time on the wrong tasks or get bogged down with no return.


Repeatable, scalable processes that allow to you to grow faster, without doing all the work.


Many business owners hire too early or too late– you won’t be one of them. Automation means you’ll run leaner.



Sounds like you’re starting like I did. When I founded Foundd, I juggled being a mum to two little ones, slogging out long hours at my day job and building my business on weekends and at night. It is possible.

The fact that you’re here tells me two things:

  1. You’re dreaming of going all-in on your digital products business
  2. You wanna hang up your corporate hat by the quickest means possible 

This business accelerator is designed to set you up with powerful and efficient systems and intel to see you smashing personal and business goals in record time. Can this mean making enough moolah to quit corporate? If you’re ready to do the work, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you!

Totally get that! And based on your personal and business goals, we’ll devise a plan to achieve them. Sometimes it will call for automation, other times it won’t. The beauty of automated systems is that once the sales start rolling in, you have the architecture in place to manage them and keep up momentum. Though lead generation can definitely be explored too.

Bloody right it is. This business accelerator includes everything you need to build and scale a 6-figure online digital products business in 12 months. So if sales have stagnated, if enquiries have dried up or if you’re working to the bone without the freedom or financial progress to show for it, something’s gotta give. We’ll explore diversifying your income streams, creating a sustainable business model and helping you scale towards that next business phase.

Firstly, go you! Secondly, things just got exciting – through diversified income streams, you’re able to help customers without deliverables relying solely on you. With the right automations, you’ll be able to take the pressure off, and with the right team, you can have others do the work to a high standard, so it doesn’t eat up your time. I’m here to show you exactly how to do the lot.

Our contact time is 1 hour a per month, then actioning what we’ve covered will take around 2-3 hours per week (split these up into 15 blocks or across days to suit your schedule). Invest a little time now, and save a whole lot of time later.

That depends. Do your goals include increased profits? Do they look like having more time with family? What about creating effective, profitable business that effectively lets you clone yourself, so your business doesn’t rely solely on you?

Then, yes, yes and YES.

We don’t find time, we create it. So while your schedule may be busy, if you’re truly committed to building and scaling a 6-figure online business, you and I both know you’ll make the time. 

This business accelerator will take roughly 2-3 hours a week to attend our sessions and action your homework. If you don’t feel you’ll be able to commit to this, this business accelerator isn’t for you. If you’re ready to go all in. If you’re ready to do the work. And if you’re ready to get shit done (even spend a few more hours to really kick-start your business growth journey from time to time). Then this is the perfect journey for you to reach your 6-figure online digital business in 12 months.

Like with anything, building and scaling your business online comes with its risks. But the positives far outweigh the negatives. With the right online security processes (which you’ll most likely choose to apply to your personal life too), we’ll put practices in place to keep your and your customer’s information out of harm’s way. 

Building an online business is a brilliant way to create flexibility and replace corporate income without needing a lease, a huge team or a billion dollars.

Investing in your business can make even the bravest of entrepreneurs knees quake. I get it. Especially in the first 12 months. Christ, I remember hiring my first coach! I was bloody terrified to hand over cold hard cash. Looking back, it meant my business’ success catapulted at lightning speed. So let me ask you this: how much is not investing in yourself going to cost you? I don’t mean the lost dollars from remaining clueless about lead generation. Or the cost of bottlenecking your business. I also mean: what will it cost you in time with your family, friends – even alone – without your business impacting your every last decision (and still not putting your funds where you need them to be)? 

I’m so confident that this coaching accelerator will take your business online in the easiest, most efficient and repeatable steps possible. 

This is the lowest price this offer will ever be. And when you reach out today to snag one of our spots, you’ll also pick up two bonuses worth $2245+GST with our program.

You’re already thinking about this? Awesome! The most important part of determining what makes your firm different is making sure it’s something YOU are passionate about. While I can’t tell you what to specialise in, I can help you uncover what it is that gets you truly excited, and this will have a flow-on effect to your success. Win-win.

It’s time to convert your intellectual property into digital products!