Emma Lemke Podcast "Make It!" featuring Riz McDonald

How To Stay Legal And Protect Your Business With Riz Mcdonald

The goods on my time with Emma Lemke on her awesome podcast for creatives, “Make It!”

Emma Lemke is a brilliant creative business coach who works with stylists, photographers, artists, videographers, and designers of every description. She helps them build businesses that are profitable while allowing these creatives to live their best lives doing what they love. From financial planning to actionable strategies for business, Emma has you covered. What I love most? Her honest-to-goodness belief and commitment to the fact that, “if you do it right, your business can not only allow you to make money, but will give you the time & space to live a beautiful life and make an impact on the world around you.” And I was lucky enough to be a part of her podcast supporting creative businesses in our episode called “How to stay legal and protect your business with Riz McDonald”. 

We had a great time connecting about business and life; Emma picked my brain about contracts, how to use them and with whom, why service agreements are important, the reason websites need privacy policies and terms and conditions, amongst other things! If you want all the good stuff and have your laptop (or pen and notepad if you’re old school like me) at the ready, take a listen at  www.emmalemke.com/16

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