5 Reasons Why You need a Podcast Manager Agreement

5 Reasons Why You need a Podcast Manager Agreement

Having your own podcast is hugely rewarding! You can inspire and connect with your audience, use your own voice to share tips and experiences, and get the real feels out into the world. They’re an opportunity to grow your audience and share your passion; this is where major connection and impact can happen and how you can build out a community of listeners. How awesome is that? 

That being said, we recognise how much work, thought and time it takes to get one up and running! Promoting, engaging, recording, it all takes time. Editing one episode alone can take hooouurrss. But fear not, friends, we have a solution. A Podcast Manager! 

Hiring a Podcast Manager 

Hiring a Podcast Manager to be a part of your team is a smart and effective way to free up your time and better manage your day to day workflow. They allow you to focus on creating amazing content and take the pressure off of you, because they’re busy managing all of that editing and ‘behind the scenes’ work.  

A Podcast Manager can: 

  • help market, promote and secure sponsorship for your podcast to help monetise your efforts and grow your audience 
  • edit and manage the production side of your poddy 
  • keep you accountable by working with you to set goals, track progress and make necessary changes 
  • help you develop strategies for growth to reach new audiences 

Make Your Podcast Legally Legit 

If you’re ready to level up that podcast game, hiring a Podcast Manager really is the next logical step. You can’t do it all, friend. As much as you’d (and all of us!) like to believe you can. You can learn more about the ins and outs of running a legally legit podcast here 

When it’s time to bring on your manager, it’s important to do it right from the beginning. That means you have to set clear expectations and boundaries from moment one. This includes payment terms, deadlines, knowing who owns the IP (that's you my friend), scope of your manager’s duties and responsibilities and, if things go south (hopefully this will never be the case!)  termination rights. 

Are you ready for the ultimate podcast management solution? 

Get Yourself a Podcast Manager Contract Template!  

Our Podcast Manager Contract Template provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand agreement that’ll help you and your podcast manager get on the same page. All the key elements are included (you know, all those goodies mentioned above), so you can rest easy knowing all you have to focus on is creating inspiring podcast content! Use it, reuse it and start growing that audience! 

So when are you going to start? Can’t wait to have a listen! 

Ready to go but need to get every part of that podcast legally legit? Check out our templates for podcasts 





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