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Podcast: Why Having an Online Voice is Important

If you aren’t familiar with podcasts (and the fact that a ton of businesses offer them in conjunction with their products or services), then you miiiight have been living under a rock for the last few years. That’s ok. We still love you. BUT, we want to make sure you understand why having an online voice (and using a podcast as the medium!) is a super effective and important way to support your audience and business growth. 

Podcasts are here to stay. In fact, Australians downloaded over 755 million podcasts in 2022 alone! So, they’re a verifiable way of reaching your target audience and can absolutely help you grow your biz. As a marketing tool having a podcast can offer a number of benefits. And quite frankly, being a Podcaster is pretty dang fun! 

Podcasting can be a great way for an online business to reach and engage with its target audience and when done right, can be an effective marketing tool to smash those biz goals. They can help: 

Increase your visibility 

Podcasts give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and get your brand out there. The first step to growing that audience is making them aware of you. Podcasting can do just that and, if you totally smash those episodes, it can attract new customers. How good is that?  

Establish thought leadership  

A podcast is an excellent platform to share your expertise on a particular topic. Know how to make the perfect croissant like you know the colour of your eyes? Share your knowledge! This can help establish you and your business as thought leaders in your industry. It also goes a long way in growing trust with your target audience. And trust, as you know, is the back bone to any good relationship. 

Build relationships 

Speaking of relationships, podcasting provides an opportunity to have more intimate conversations with your audience. You can share more about your fears. Your wins and losses. What drives you. And hearing tone of voice (versus reading copy) can be more emotionally impactful. They’re a way to delve deep and get personal so you can really connect with your audience. This can help build stronger relationships and foster a beautiful sense of community and mutual support around your brand.  

Drive traffic to your website  

Get those listeners to your website! Show notes are a simple and effective way to include links to your website or specific products and services that you talk about in each episode. The more traffic, the greater the chance of boosting those sales! 


Compared to other forms of content marketing (Google ads, anyone?), podcasting can be relatively inexpensive and accessible. As a podcaster with a basic setup of equipment and software, you can easily get yourself in front of a mic (and maybe even a camera) to get your awesome episodes underway. eBay and Marketplace offer great options if you want to give it a test run without spending too much money on new gear. 

Overall, a podcast can be an awesome and valuable addition to your online marketing strategy. And having a solid strategy is worth its weight in gold! Reach that wider audience, get them onto your website, establish thought leadership and build those happy, long-term relationships – without breaking the bank. Seems like wins all round! 


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