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3 Reasons why you should not use ChatGPT to draft your contract

Well, hello there my beautiful Creatives! Yep. We’re doing it. We’re giving you 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use ChatGPT to draft your contract. I know, I know, we all enjoy ChatGPT and the wonder it brings. You're probably rolling your eyes and thinking; “Of course they're going to say that”... but hear us out!  

As a legal contract shop, we know how important it is to have a well-drafted and legally binding contract. While technology has come a long way, it can’t replace the expertise and experience of a qualified legal professional. That’s a fact, Jacks. Which is why in this article we're going to encourage you not to use ChatGPT to draft your contracts. Here’s why. 

Lack of Legal Expertise

Drafting a contract requires in-depth knowledge of contract law, legal terminology, and other legal aspects. ChatGPT may have access to vast amounts of data, but it doesn’t have the legal expertise that a qualified lawyer possesses.  

Limited Contextual Understanding

A well-drafted contract requires a deep understanding of the parties involved, their intentions, and the specific situation that the contract is addressing. While ChatGPT can analyse and interpret data, it may miss important details that only a human can identify, basically, it lacks that human touch. 

Risk of Errors

ChatGPT may generate coherent sentences and paragraphs, but it's only as good as what you input. So, if you're experienced at drafting contracts, then knock yourself out! If you have hours and hours of time to piece together a contract and you're happy to use your valuable time to do it (instead of doing what you are good at...you know, being an awesome creative!) then go ahead. Buuuut I have a feeling that’s probably not how you want to spend your time! The problem with DIY is there is always a risk of errors and other inaccuracies that can impact the effectiveness of a contract. ChatGPT is good. But it’s not that good! 

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