Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement


Organising an exciting event and need to get sponsors on board? Or are you the one investing in the event for the opportunities it'll bring you and your biz? Either way, you need our Sponsorship Agreement template! Designed to help you clarify each party's obligations and what they can expect from the arrangement, this handy template will make sure that both the event organiser and the sponsor are ready to party!

Who's it for?

Our Sponsorship Agreement template is for event organisers who are planning to fund their event through sponsors, or sponsors who are keen to get involved with an event and see their name in lights (or, y'know, on banners and the like). Not sure whether it's exactly what you need? Book in a complimentary chat with one of our lawyers, and we'll tell you everything you need to know (or as much as we can fit into 15 minutes).

What's included?

  • Each party's obligations
  • Clear payment terms
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Termination terms (including what happens if the pandemic crashes the party)
  • A completely customisable schedule that sets out the specifics
  • Several other bits and pieces to ensure your arrangement is legally legit


A couple of quick things to make sure we’re on the same page:  

First, purchasing our templates, utilising our free resources or having a chat with us as part of a consultation doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Foundd Legal (sorry!). It also doesn’t constitute legal advice.  

All templates adhere to Australian principles of contract law and are designed for those doing business in Australia (unless they specifically state that they are in accordance with New Zealand law, for businesses in New Zealand). Similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, but we recommend that you consult with a qualified lawyer in your area prior to purchasing our templates. 

While we do our best to minimise legalese (that’s complex lawyer-speak) within our contracts, there are certain things that require particular wording in order to best protect you and your business. Please don’t expect our contracts to be super simple - they’re as simple as they possibly can be, while still being comprehensive and putting your needs first (even the ones you didn’t know you had!). Of course, if you’re having trouble understanding something specific, you’re welcome to get in touch with any questions!

Ready to go?

Sitting with a brilliant brand but unsure about where to go from here? We’re here to help you get your business off the ground when it comes to all things legal. Bonus! We won’t make it confusing! Legal can be fun. We swear. So book us now for your free consultation.