Manufacturing Agreement Contract Template

Manufacturing Agreement Contract Template


If you are engaging a manufacturer, we know it’s imperative to ensure your work is cost effective, produced at a high standard and is done efficiently. That’s why Foundd created a Manufacturers Agreement that will cross all your t’s and dot your i’s. The template has everything you require from quality control, specifications, intellectual property to what happens when you may wish to terminate.


This Manufacturing Agreement is great for those who want to engage manufacturing companies.  Covers pain points like pricing, orders, IP, deliveries and more.

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What's Included

Our Manufacturers Agreement includes:

  • An obligations section containing information about manufacturing, quality control and orders/delivery with retailers
  • An intellectual property clause pertaining to how your rights are protected and how you can assign.
  • Information about what happens where there might be a termination where there is bad or good conduct

        For Who

        This agreement is for anyone engaging manufacturers wanting to make sure the work is airrrr tight! 


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        Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions. This template adheres to Australian principles of contract law and is designed for those doing business in Australia. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction.

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