How to hire an Influencer Guide.  Great tips on how to get the most out of your influencer.

How to Hire an Influencer Guide


Who is your ideal influencer? What’s their niche? What kind of following do they have? Do they have a specific look or demographic? Sort out the goal of your campaign, set your budget and find that perfect brand influencer to match. Then make your partnership legal. Wondering how the heck to do all that? Read this guide. Boom.


This checklist walks you through the steps you need to take to make sure you’re hiring the right influencer for your brand, business and budget. It also fills you in on how to make your business relationship legal and beneficial to both parties while keeping you protected and ready for success.

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Key Features

  • Identifying the goal of your campaign
  • Setting your budget
  • Profiling your ideal influencer
  • Online resources
  • Setting your agreement terms

For Who

This guide is for any business in the market to hire an influencer to help promote their brand and business.

For What

To protect your business and strategically prepare for hiring an influencer.


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