Ecommerce Shipping Policy

Ecommerce Shipping Policy


We believe that shipping should be as smooth as a salsa dancer's moves, and as delightful as a warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. That's why we've crafted our "Shipping Savvy" Policy Template, designed to make your ecommerce business soar while keeping your customers grinning from ear to ear. 


Take your shipping to “Cloud Nine” and soar to new heights in delivery excellence! 

Say goodbye to shipping woes and hello to a soaring success! Our Ecommerce Shipping policy template will have your products gliding through the air with the greatest of ease. Unleash the power of our Ecommerce Shipping policy template and watch your shipping game reach new heights!  

The secret ingredient to a successful shipping policy? Making sure that your policy communicates clearly and effectively what happens once a customer has placed an order with you.  We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your customers feel cherished and appreciated. With our Ecommerce Shipping Policy Template you'll create a shipping experience that leaves customers singing your praises. After all, happy customers are the heart and soul of any thriving ecommerce business! 
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About the Template 

Created by lawyers and peer reviewed by other lawyers for quality assurance, this fill in the blanks Ecommerce Shipping Policy template can be ready within 10 minutes or less, ready for you to copy and paste into your platform of choice wherever you sell your tickets from! 
What’s included? 

Your Ecommerce Shipping Policy template purchase includes: 

  • Fill in the blanks Template in Word forma 
  • Template User Guide pdf – walking you through your template 
  • Single user licence to edit, use and reuse the template as often as you need for your business 
  • BONUS: Future template updates 

Key Features 

Here are some of the key features you can expect from our Ecommerce Shipping Policy Template: 

  • Delivery Options: Clearly outline the available delivery methods, such as standard shipping, express shipping, or international shipping. Specify the estimated delivery times and any associated costs. 
  • Order Processing Time: Specify the time it takes to process and pack orders before they are ready for shipping. This helps manage customer expectations regarding the handling of their orders. 
  • Shipping Rates and Fees: Provide transparent information about shipping costs based on factors such as package weight, dimensions, destination, and shipping method. Clearly state if there are any additional fees or surcharges, such as customs duties or handling charges. 
  • Shipping Restrictions: Highlight any shipping restrictions or limitations, such as shipping to specific regions or countries, hazardous materials, or items that require special handling or documentation. 
  • Tracking and Confirmation: Explain how customers can track their shipments and provide them with the necessary tracking numbers or links. Outline the process for sending shipping confirmation emails or notifications once the order has been dispatched. 
  • Lost or Damaged Packages: Clarify the steps to be taken in case of lost or damaged packages during transit. Provide instructions on how customers should report such incidents and how your company will handle replacements, refunds, or insurance claims. 
  • International Shipping and Customs: If applicable, explain the procedures and responsibilities related to international shipping, including customs declarations, duties, taxes, and compliance with international shipping regulations. 
  • Customer Support: Inform customers about the available channels and hours of customer support related to shipping inquiries or issues. Provide contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, for customers to reach out for assistance. 
  •  Policy Updates: State that the shipping policy may be subject to periodic updates or revisions and how customers will be notified of any changes. 

Overall, our Ecommerce Shipping Policy Template is a comprehensive solution for protecting your business and simplifying your shipping process. 

Remember to customise these key features to align with your specific business model, industry, and shipping practices. Additionally, it's essential to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing shipping and consumer protection. 

For Who 

Our Ecommerce Shipping Policy Template is suitable for a variety of businesses that sell physical products online, including: 

  • Small businesses: Whether you're selling beauty products or other physical products , our template can help you protect your business and streamline your sales process. 
  • Online retailers: Our template is suitable for online retailers of all sizes, from small boutique stores to large e-commerce platforms that offer physical products. 

Overall, our Ecommerce Shipping Policy Template is suitable for any business that sells physical products online and wants to protect their intellectual property and ensure legal compliance. 


Purchasing our fill in your blanks templates for you to customise and ensure they suit you and your business needs, utilising our free resources or having a chat with us as part of a consultation doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Foundd Legal (sorry!). It also doesn’t constitute legal advice. Please consult with a lawyer for any questions. 

We do offer templates for countries outside of Australia, you will see on the specific template page which country or countries the template is available for, just make your selection! Unfortunately at this time, we are only offering templates for the countries specified.  

Our templates are however customisable for countries outside of Australia, and whilst they are a good base and potentially save you money getting something created from scratch, it would be prudent to have a lawyer in your country to review the template especially if you have any questions. 
You get a single user licence and can re-use the templates you purchase as many times as you want for your own business needs! But keep in mind we’re a small business just like you, offering a service and we need more people like you to help us continue to grow - just like you!  So from the bottom of our humble hearts, thank you for making a legit purchase and not sharing!  Use of this Site and your purchase of any digital products or downloading of any free resources, are subject to our Terms and Conditions. 


Q: What shipping options does the template cover? 

A: Our Shipping Policy Template covers a range of shipping options, including standard shipping, express shipping, and international shipping. 

Q: Does the template address order processing time? 

A: Absolutely! The template provides guidance on communicating the estimated time required for order processing and packing before they are ready for shipping. 

Q: How does the template handle shipping rates and fees? 

A: Our template includes sections to specify how shipping costs are calculated based on factors such as package weight, dimensions, destination, and chosen shipping method. You can easily customise it to align with your specific pricing structure. 

Q: Does the template address any additional fees or charges? 

A: Yes, it covers the topic of additional fees, such as customs duties, taxes, or handling charges for international shipments. You can adapt the template to outline these charges and clearly state the customer's responsibility for them. 

Q: Does the template provide guidance on shipping restrictions? 

A: Absolutely! The template addresses shipping restrictions and limitations, allowing you to outline any specific restrictions you may have, such as prohibited items or restricted regions. 

Q: Does the template include information on tracking packages? 

A: Yes, it does! The template covers how to provide customers with tracking information and how they can track their packages using tracking numbers or links. Ensuring customers have access to this information is key to keeping them informed and satisfied. 

Q: How does the template handle lost or damaged packages? 

A: The template offers guidance on the steps to take in case of lost or damaged packages. It helps you outline the customer's reporting process and your approach to resolving these issues, which may include replacements, refunds, or insurance claims. 

Q: Does the template address returns and exchanges? 

A: Yes, it does! Our template provides sections to outline your return and refund policy by adding a URL link to it.  You can purchase our Refunds and Returns Policy Template separately here. 

Q: Does the template cover international shipping and customs procedures? 

A: Absolutely! The template includes guidance on international shipping, customs declarations, duties, taxes, and compliance with international shipping regulations. It helps you communicate the necessary information to your international customers to ensure a smooth shipping process. 

Q: How can I contact customer support with shipping-related inquiries? 

A: The template offers a section to include your preferred contact information for customer support. You can provide your email address, phone number, or any other channels you use to assist customers with shipping inquiries. 

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