Ecommerce Returns and Refund Policy

Ecommerce Returns and Refund Policy


Streamline your online store's returns and refund process with our comprehensive Returns and Refund Policy template. Designed specifically for ecommerce owners like you, this template provides a clear and concise policy that helps protect your business while ensuring a positive shopping experience for your customers. 


Whether you're a small startup or an established ecommerce business, having a clear and well-defined Returns and Refund Policy is crucial for building trust, reducing customer inquiries, and mitigating potential disputes. With our comprehensive template, you can confidently handle returns and refunds while safeguarding the interests of your business and customers. 

Don't let returns and refunds be a source of stress. Purchase our Returns and Refund Policy template today and take a proactive step toward a seamless customer experience and a solid foundation for your ecommerce business. 

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About the Template 
Created by lawyers and peer reviewed by other lawyers for quality assurance, this fill in the blanks Ecommerce Returns and Refunds Policy template can be ready within 10 minutes or less, ready for you to copy and paste into your platform of choice wherever you sell your tickets from! 

What’s included? 

Your Ecommerce Returns and Refunds Policy template purchase includes: 

  • Fill in the blanks Template in Word forma 
  • Template User Guide pdf – walking you through your template 
  • Single user licence to edit, use and reuse the template as often as you need for your business 
  • BONUS: Future template updates 

Key Features

Here are some of the key features you can expect from our Ecommerce Returns and Refund Policy Template: 

  • Customisable Policy: Our template offers a flexible framework that you can easily tailor to your specific business needs. Modify the language, terms, and conditions to align with your brand's voice and requirements effortlessly. 
  •  Clarity and Transparency: Establish trust and transparency with your customers by clearly communicating your return and refund procedures. This template includes sections covering eligibility, timeframes, acceptable reasons for returns, refund methods, and any additional conditions you may have. 
  •  Legal Compliance: Stay compliant with relevant consumer protection laws and regulations. Our template is carefully crafted to reflect the latest industry standards and best practices, helping you minimise legal risks and disputes. 
  •  Customer-Friendly Language: We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Our template uses customer-friendly language that is easy to understand, ensuring your customers feel confident and informed when navigating your returns and refund process. 
  •  Time-Saving Solution: Save hours of research and writing with our pre-designed template. You'll have a professionally structured policy ready for implementation in no time, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of spending hours on legal documents. 
  • Professional Appearance: Impress your customers with a polished and professional Returns and Refund Policy. Our template ensures that your policy reflects the professionalism and credibility of your brand, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers. 

Overall, our Ecommerce Refunds and Returns Policy Template is a comprehensive solution for protecting your business and simplifying your returns and refund process. 

Remember to customise these key features to align with your specific business model, industry, and return and refund practices. Additionally, it's essential to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing returns and refunds and consumer protection. 

For Who  

Our Ecommerce Refunds and Returns Policy Template is suitable for a variety of businesses that sell physical products online, including: 

  • Small businesses: Whether you're selling beauty products or other physical products , our template can help you protect your business and streamline your sales process. 
  • Online retailers: Our template is suitable for online retailers of all sizes, from small boutique stores to large e-commerce platforms that offer physical products. 

Overall, our Ecommerce Returns and Refunds Policy Template is suitable for any business that sells physical products online and wants to protect their intellectual property and ensure legal compliance. 


Purchasing our fill in your blanks templates for you to customise and ensure they suit you and your business needs, utilising our free resources or having a chat with us as part of a consultation doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Foundd Legal (sorry!). It also doesn’t constitute legal advice. Please consult with a lawyer for any questions. 

We do offer templates for countries outside of Australia, you will see on the specific template page which country or countries the template is available for, just make your selection! Unfortunately at this time, we are only offering templates for the countries specified.  

Our templates are however customisable for countries outside of Australia, and whilst they are a good base and potentially save you money getting something created from scratch, it would be prudent to have a lawyer in your country to review the template especially if you have any questions. 
You get a single user licence and can re-use the templates you purchase as many times as you want for your own business needs! But keep in mind we’re a small business just like you, offering a service and we need more people like you to help us continue to grow - just like you!  So from the bottom of our humble hearts, thank you for making a legit purchase and not sharing!  Use of this Site and your purchase of any digital products or downloading of any free resources, are subject to our Terms and Conditions. 


Q: Why do I need a Returns and Refund Policy for my ecommerce store?  

A: A Returns and Refund Policy is essential for setting clear expectations with your customers regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds. It helps minimise disputes, establishes trust, and ensures a positive shopping experience. 

Q: Is the Returns and Refund Policy template customisable? 

 A: Yes, our template is designed to be customizable. You can easily modify the language, terms, and conditions to align with your specific business needs and brand voice. 

Q: Does the template comply with legal requirements? 

 A: Our template is carefully crafted to reflect industry best practices and compliance with relevant consumer protection laws and regulations. However, it's always recommended to review the policy with legal counsel to ensure compliance with local laws to ensure your practices are compliant with consumer laws. 

Q:  Can the template accommodate the exclusion of certain items from returns? 

A: Certainly! The template allows you to specify non-returnable items as per your business needs. You can define categories such as perishable goods or personalised products that are exempt from returns. 

Q: Can I set specific timeframes for customers to initiate a return? 

 A: Absolutely! With the template, you can define the timeframe within which customers must initiate a return, giving you the flexibility to set a reasonable deadline based on your business operations and preferences. 

Q: How are refunds typically issued using the template? 

 A: Refunds are generally issued using the original payment method whenever feasible. If the original payment method is unavailable, you can outline alternative refund options such as store credits or other appropriate methods. 

Q: Does the template address who is responsible for return shipping costs? 

A: Yes, the template allows you to specify whether customers will be responsible for return shipping costs or if your business will cover them. You can outline this aspect based on your shipping and return policies. 

Q: Can I estimate the refund processing time in the template? 

 A: Absolutely! You have the option to provide an estimated timeframe for refund processing within the template. This helps set realistic expectations for your customers and ensures transparency. 

Q: How does the template suggest resolving disputes regarding returns and refunds? 

A: The template can outline a process for dispute resolution, such as attempting to resolve the matter through negotiation or mediation. If necessary, it can also mention the option of pursuing arbitration or small claims court. 

Q: Can I update the Returns and Refund Policy in the future if needed? 

A: Absolutely! The template allows you to update or modify the policy as necessary. You can inform your customers of any significant changes, specifying the effective date of the updated policy. 

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