Coworking Agreement Template

Coworking Agreement Template


Keen to get on board the coworking train? Want to ensure that your obligations - and those of your coworking colleagues - are clearly defined? Need peace of mind when it comes to maintenance of the communal space, use of amenities and getting paid on time? This is the right agreement for you!


Whether you’re trying to sublicence your extra space to subsidise your rent or just want to make some business friends (did somebody say collaboration opportunity?!), our Coworking Agreement template covers everything from restoring the space to its original condition, to what happens in case of a lockdown, to the fees involved in the licence. Once you’ve got permission from your landlord, and customised this template, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a harmonious coworking space!

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What’s Included

Our Coworking Agreement template has been carefully curated to suit your needs when entering into a licence agreement with a potential tenant/coworking colleague. It’s got:

  • dos and don’ts when using the space
  • a list of amenities and other items that your licensee will have access to
  • intellectual property protection
  • fee certainty
  • details surrounding termination
  • and much more!
  • Letter of Consent to Sublicence Premises (because it's important for you to have your landlord's consent before you licence the space - and equally important to have that consent in writing!)

For Who

This Agreement is perfect for you if you’d like to branch out into licencing your space to other businesses. All you need is permission from your landlord to sublicence the premises and you’re good to go!


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