Confidentiality Agreement Contract Template - NDA

Confidentiality Agreement Contract Template - NDA


You have a great idea, now how can you share it and protect it at the same time?  Want to collaborate with someone but still at the “...let’s discuss” stage. With our  mutual Confidentiality Agreement (aka NDA aka non-disclosure agreement), you can share your ideas/plans and have them protected.


This Confidentiality Agreement prevents the party who you are sharing information with from gossiping to anybody about what you shared, unless you tell them it’s ok to goss. Even if you decide you don’t want to collaborate after discussions, this Confidentiality Agreement will continue to protect anything you disclosed as confidential during those discussions.The agreement is fully customisable and ready to use as soon as you have downloaded it.

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Key Features

  • Designed to protect any confidential information you disclose to the other person or business
  • Continues to protect even if you don’t proceed with your project
  • Drafted by a qualified lawyer
  • Word format for quick and easy editing

For Who

  • Any business owner who wants to share confidential information
  • Any business owner who has a plan, idea, work and so on that needs protecting as you work to develop it, potentially with the assistance of others

For What

Protecting any information you’ve disclosed as confidential during discussions with potential or secured business partners, collaborators, individuals and so on! #canyoukeepasecret


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Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions. This template adheres to Australian principles of contract law and is designed for those doing business in Australia. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction. 

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