Chargeback Prevention Kit

Chargeback Prevention Kit

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The Chargeback Prevention Kit is your solution to safeguard your business against chargebacks. This kit provides a structured approach to handle chargebacks efficiently, helping you prevent them before they occur and respond effectively when they do.

The Chargeback Prevention Kit is designed to equip businesses with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to minimise the risk of chargebacks, effectively manage disputes, and maintain positive relationships with customers and payment platforms. This kit addresses the entire lifecycle of a chargeback, from prevention to response, offering practical resources and guidance. 

What's included:

  • Sample Email & Call Transcripts for Verifying Orders: Clear examples to help you verify orders and avoid disputes. 
  • Chargeback Prevention Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step guide and checklist to implement preventive measures. 
  • Chargeback Prevention FAQs: Answers to common questions about preventing chargebacks. 
  • Template Response to Chargeback Notification & Tips – Platforms: Ready-to-use response templates and platform-specific tips. 
  • Credit Card Authorisation Form: Ensure customer authorisation to prevent fraudulent chargebacks.

About the Template   Developed by seasoned legal professionals, our templates are designed for ease and effectiveness. Each template is clear and user-friendly, allowing you to customise the essential details to align perfectly with your  business needs. 

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  • Fill in the blanks Template in Word format 
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  • Single user licence to edit, use and reuse the template as often as you need for your business 
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The Chargeback Prevention Kit key features include:

  • Helpful Guide & Checklist: containing strategies and steps for chargeback prevention.
  • Practical Templates: Ready-to-use email, call scripts, and response templates.
  • FAQs: Answers to the most common questions about chargeback prevention based on real life experiences.
  • Authorisation Form: A template to ensure credit card authorisation.

The Chargeback Prevention Kit is ideal for: 

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Online service providers
  • Subscription-based services
  • Digital product sellers
  • Entrepreneurs looking to safeguard their revenue

For any ecommerce business retailing physical products on any online platform e.g. Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix etc

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Upon completing your purchase, you will immediately receive a download link to access the template, along with a PDF User Guide and Video Tutorials to facilitate quick and easy customisation. While you can begin tailoring your contract immediately, please keep in mind that this is a generic template designed to cover typical situations in relating to your industry. We strongly recommend reviewing and adjusting key provisions, such as intellectual property rights, payment terms, client obligations or any other provisions that are important to you, to ensure that they precisely fit your unique circumstances and legal requirements. For specific legal issues or a contract tailored exclusively to your needs, consulting a legal professional is advised.

While the templates provide a strong legal foundation, we recommend having a lawyer review them to ensure they meet your specific needs and legal requirements.

It provides practical tools, templates, and guides to help you implement effective prevention strategies.

Chargebacks can lead to lost revenue, additional fees, and strained relationships with payment processors.

Use the provided response templates and follow the included tips to address the chargeback efficiently.

Yes, it is designed for a wide range of e-commerce and online service businesses.

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