Guide on How to hire a freelancer or Virtual Assistant

How to Hire a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant


If your business is at that exciting point where you need to grow, but hiring an employee seems like more than you’re ready for, this guide is totally for you. Learn about all of the ins and outs  when it comes to hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant. Set up your goals, don’t break the bank, know exactly what it is you’re getting out of the relationship and make sure your freelancer or virtual assistant is the real deal. Read on, Business Boss! 


Learn about the steps you need to take to hire a freelancer or virtual assistant with this handy guide. Define your goals, do your homework and test the waters. Set up the right contracts and keep the lines of communication clear.

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Key Features

  • Creating a budget
  • Freelancer/VA experience
  • Key Contract term considerations

For Who

Any business that is growing but not yet ready to hire employees. Any business in the market for a freelancer or virtual assistant.

For What

To ensure you’re hiring the right freelancer or virtual assistant for your brand and to protect your business during this time of growth.


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