Ecommerce Privacy Policy Template

Ecommerce Privacy Policy Template


Did you know if you collect personal information, you’re required by law to fill customers in on how you manage the personal information collected? Legally, everyone who ever shares their personal deets with you as a company has a right to know exactly what you do with it, so they can make sure you aren’t selling your deep, dark secrets and favourite flavour of ice cream on the black market. I mean, fair enough, right?


This lovely little policy explains to users of your website how you will collect, disclose and use any personal information shared with you in accordance with Australian privacy laws as well as GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

Look, we know how easy it is to get something off the internet or from a hosting platform, one of those generic templates from people online who know nothing about the products or services you offer. Just fingers crossed and hope for the best, but hey, it’s cheap! Or you can use this template drafted by a qualified lawyer. We know it’s your call. But we say cover your arse and do things the right way.

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Key Features

- What information you collect
- How you collect that information
- What you do with that information. Seriously, don’t tell your Auntie Barb. She’s a talker.
- GDPR. That’s General Data Protection Regulation. Try saying that 5 times fast!

For Who

- E-commerce sites that collect customer information
- Websites….that collect customer information. You get the idea.
- We have a separate Privacy Policy for all you creatives

For What

If you run google analytics or collect emails, basically if you’re a business running in the 21st century you really should be doing both of these things - so you need this. Lock in your privacy policy with us.


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Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions. This template adheres to Australian principles of contract law and is designed for those doing business in Australia. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction.

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