Independent Contractor Agreement template
Independent Contractor Agreement Template | How-To Guide Included with Purchase!

Independent Contractor Agreement Template


Independent contractors can be a gift to a new company looking to grow. If you’re going through a growth spurt and you’re ready to scale up, as it were, but you’re still apprehensive about hiring a full-on employee while you’re still figuring out how much and what exactly you need to expand, then this Independent Contractor Agreement is for you. Read on, friend.


This Independent Contractor Agreement allows you to focus on expanding your business while you let a fabulous freelancer with expertise in social media marketing, web development and all things digital do the work that you don’t have time to learn about. Also, maybe it’s boring for you. Your freelancer? They probably love it. Use this agreement for them. 

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Key Features

  • Contract fees (including timing of payments)
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property
  • Obligations of Independent Contractor
  • Non-competition clause
  • Confidentiality clause
  • Indemnities and warranties
  • Plus other standard legal provisions


  • Word format for quick and easy editing
  • User Guide to walk you through what it all means

For Who

Small businesses who want to hire a nifty freelancer for the multitude of jobs you wish to hire them for but don’t want the commitment of a full or part time employee.

For What

Use this if you are engaging a contractor instead of an employee, make sure that any intellectual property created by the contractor is owned by you. This Independent Contractor Agreement can be adapted so that you can use it whether you are hiring an individual or a company to do the work.

Not For

This is NOT the right agreement if you are keen to hire someone as a full time or part time employee. Make sure you understand the difference between an independent contractor and an employee so you don’t land in hot water. This handy little tool from the ATO will help you decide whether your worker is an employee or a contractor for tax and super purposes: ATO Tool. Thanks, ATO!

If you’re still unsure, please get in touch with a lawyer. Guess what? We know a few over here at Foundd Legal who are happy to assist!

Lastly, if you’re providing the services, we recommend our Services Agreement (which you can also use where you are the receiver of the services! How helpful is that?).

Please note that using our online services and templates doesn’t constitute legal advice and doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Foundd Legal. If you have questions about the contract template and whether it fits your specific needs or need legal advice, why not book in a free consultation? The information offered on should be considered informational only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE.

Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions. This template adheres to Australian principles of contract law and is designed for those doing business in Australia. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction.

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Sarah G.
Australia Australia

Feeling Legally Legit

These contracts are a total slice of heaven! I was unsure on how to go about hiring contractors for my business, when I cam across these templates and now I feel so legally legit and confident knowing my business is covered. Riz and the team at Foundd Legal have made this part of the legal process a walk in the park. Thanks team!


Foundd Legal

Yay! So good to hear our custom contract templates helped you get legally legit! Stay legit. Riz

Taylor R.
Australia Australia

INSANELY HELPFUL (highly recommend!)

This has helped me more times than I can count. Love having this comprehensive agreement at my fingertips every time our team expands! Thank you! xx

Sally P.

So glad I found this!

It was such a breeze to download and edit this agreement, and gives me peace of mind to know it is legally sound. Thank Riz and team! You're awesome!

Aynsley J.
Australia Australia


Exactly what I needed, the team was really helpful and quickly attended to the customisations I required. Definitely recommend Riz and Foundd Legal.

Emma P.
Australia Australia

Contract Agreement.

Relatively easy to use. Thank you. It's save me a lot of time and frustration.

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