06 | All About Privacy Policies

06 | All About Privacy Policies

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Episode 6 of Legals and Biz with Riz! Today, I’ll be talking about Privacy Policies.

Here’s the nitty gritty on Privacy Policies. Australian law requires any website that collects and stores information have one. Annnd pretty much every website collects some kind of information in some way. Even something as simple as your name and email address for a newsletter counts. Online privacy is a major concern these days, with so much of our lives available on the good ol' World Wide Web. So when it comes to Privacy Policies, they have to be done right, and right for your business. That means cutting and pasting from a rando' site won’t cut it. You need your policy to work for you and your business. You also want it to be transparent and easy to understand so you don’t scare potential clients or customers off. There are a lot of ins and outs for something that may seem kinda straight forward. So take a minute and check out our blog for the goodies. Get. It. Oh, and don’t forget, we have a template for that 🤓









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