19 | IP Ownership & Design Platforms

19 | IP Ownership & Design Platforms

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Episode 19 of Legals and Biz with Riz! Today, I’ll be talking about IP Ownership & Design Platforms.

These days, doing a Google search and coming across a website or platform that can hook you up with designers or DYI designs are all the rage. Canva, Vistaprint, Upwork, you name it. They’re all over the web, they’re easy to use, and they’re more affordable than hiring a design firm to do the work for you.

All that being said, it isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. All of these sites have terms and conditions. You know those things that most people scroll through without reading, just so they can hit the “I accept” button? Yeah. Those. Those niggly things are actually pretty dang important when it comes to getting clarity on whether or not you will actually end up owning that design you just created or had someone throw together for you...yeah. It may not be yours at all. And you could end up copping some flak if you don’t do your homework before you have someone on Airtasker design a campaign for you. Are you clear on trade marks? Copyright. 

If you’re starting to get the sweats, don’t worry - we’ve got you. Listen up Episode 19 of Legals and Biz with Riz so you can get some clarity before you start using designs that aren’t yours to build that business empire. Stay legit. 


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