Your Obligations as an E-Commerce Business Owner

08 | Your Obligations as an E-Commerce Business Owner

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Episode 8 of Legals and Biz with Riz! Today, I’ll be talking about Your Obligations as an E-Commerce Business Owner.

So you set up your online store. You’ve got products online, your site looks freaking awesome and you’re ready to pop the champs and do a happy dance! Buuut before you crank up the Ariana Grande, it’s important you make sure you take all of the steps necessary to make that ecommerce biz totally legit. There’s this fun old thing called the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) that you need to get down with before you can properly launch. Whether you run your business out of your bedroom or a major Westfield shopping centre, the same rules apply. Whatever you sell has to fulfill certain criteria. Fair trade laws have to be followed and you may even need to get a license or two. So do your homework. Get it right. Then crank up the Ariana Grande. 




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