4 Antidotes to Copycats: How to Build a Brand that's Uncopyable

4 Antidotes to Copycats: How to Build a Brand that's Uncopyable

The monkey on the back of a lot of business owners? Copycats. Seeing a business pop up with your ideas, your vibe and your brand as their very obvious inspiration can serve a real body blow to you. That’s why we’ve collabed with our good friends at Wordfetti, to get the nitty gritty on how to create a brand that is uncopyable with the power of words.

Because, you know that imitation is not the greatest form of flattery, not by a long shot.

So, how do you make your brand uncopyable?

Nail your messaging 

In business, if you cannot clearly communicate why what you do and how you do it is different?! Someone else will.

Your messaging (aka your ability to write succinctly, the value you offer to your audience) is the anchor to what you’re selling.

Eg. Airbnb doesn’t simply claim they’re a connection platform between hosts and holiday goers, their messaging? “If you want to travel like a local, book with us” and this underpins ALL of their offerings.

Messaging can either make (or break) your brand. A strong message has the ability to not only communicate your point of ability but it has the ability to cement your flag on the ground in your industry.

Imagine if someone else came in with Airbnb’s messaging, right?!

Have a brand voice that’s recognisable

You know when you know your best friend so well that when you hear them from across the room, you know it’s them?! It’s the same feeling when you have a brand voice that’s consistent and recognisable.

I mean, think of some of the biggest brands on the planet, I bet you would instantly recognise them by their copy alone. 

Brand voice is powerful cause it humanises your brand (which in turn enhances the likability and trust factor for your audience) and it helps you stand out (and become recognisable, which in turn makes you harder to “copy”) 

Exhibit A: We’ll let RiRi explain: 

So takeaway? Find your brand voice and ensure this is sprinkled across every single touch point of your brand: from email, social media, and website to even what you say on your 404 page. 

Tell your story 

People can mimic your website, and mimic a lot of what you may do, but the one thing they cannot “mimic”? 

Your story. 

Each and every single one of us has our own unique road path that led us to do what we do today.

Connect the dots between who you are, the value you bring and your audience’s ultimate desire to tell your story. 


  • Why should your audience care about what you have to say? 
  • What common threads exist between you and your audience?
  • Why are you uniquely suited to support them? 

This should go BEYOND simply your qualifications. Remember, people aren’t buying simply a list of services or products. Go deeper. What will those services and products ultimately get them?

Human-to-human connection  

At the heart of it, we are human beings, not business beings. 

And maybe you're thinkin’ ‘Anita, my people don’t hang out on the ‘gram’? Well, the principle is the same, regardless of the platform.

Take the time to connect with and converse with your audience, leave an unexpected voice note to a follower who has been engaging with your content and sharing hello with no hidden agenda, or a handwritten note to a client just because. 

You might just be surprised by some of the meaningful connections you make (and what they mean for your business).

Want to take it a step further and make your brand uncopyable?! 

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