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Secure the exclusive rights to your logo, tagline and brand terms with affordable, easy trade mark registration by legit lawyers who master TMs (and TMI sometimes #sorrynotsorry). Grab our hand, and a Champers while you’re at it. Consider cringeworthy copycats, suspiciously similar slogans and lookalike logos with nothin’ stopping them a thing of the past.

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“Working with Riz and
her team at Foundd on
my legal contracts and
Trademark was phenomenal!”

— Taylor Rae, Sacred Funnels

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“Working with
Foundd on my trade
mark was

— Floriye, SisterWould


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trade mark
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Q. Why do you need help with a
trade mark registration?

Spoiler alert: Having a business name alone doesn’t give
you exclusive rights to it.

A: Without a trade mark, technically, competitors can snatch your business
name, logo and your tagline up without consequences. Buuut the application
process is notoriously confusing, complicated and completely yawn-worthy.
So, whether you’re short on time, have a case of classification procrastination
(a real thing) or simply would rather focus on growing your empire while we
handle the tricky legal things… Here’s how to know your trade mark’s legally
legit, with the best chance of getting approved.


LET’S GET LEGIT! Your trade mark registration package includes:

$1999 + GST

- Viability Research – This initial phase involves extensive searches across multiple platforms to assess the feasibility of your trademark for upto 3 classes. This phase identifies potential conflicts or issues.   If the trademark is found to be not viable, we will only charge you for this phase and pause the process here.

- Specification Report Preparation – If your trademark is viable, we will prepare a detailed Specification Report, which includes the classes of goods/services and descriptions for up to three classes, supported by a video explainer. This phase builds on the Viability Research findings.

- Filing the Application – We finalise and submit your trademark application, manage the payment process, and monitor progress on the IPA portal, keeping you informed about the application status and any adverse reports.


Note: While we cannot guarantee registration, we will advise on what is required if your trade mark is rejected or objections are raised. Additional fees apply
where responses to IP Australia, formal objections and charges from IP Australia (including Individual Class Fees which are ‘per class’) are required.

Why Us?
So glad you asked!

How it works

Registering your creative business’s trade mark couldn’t be easier. In
fact, apart from a paperwork party consult with us, you don’t have
to do a thing!


Step 1

Book a trade mark consult and receive your official (v. special) quote


Step 2

Review your quote. Love what you see? Hit accept and we’ll lock it in!


Step 3

Complete your questionnaire, email us any burning Qs and we’ll get to work on your application’s specs


Step 4

After you approve the specs, we’ll hit submit on your trade mark application!

Frequently asked questions

Why Foundd Legal? Who the heck are you anyway?

Foundd Legal keeps it real and keeps it simple. We’re here to help creative startups, entrepreneurs, small business and influencers wrap their heads around the confusing, frustrating and sometimes convoluted world of law. You’re reading these FAQs, so we’re guessing that’s you! We aim to make starting your business easy, fuss free and dare we say - fun, by providing you with resources and legal services, both packaged and a la carte, perfect for your business! We’re straight-shooting, accessible and uncomplicated. We want to be your wingmen. Your sidekicks. Your go-to for all things #nextgenlaw 

What makes you different from other law firms?

Foundd Founder and Principal Riz McDonald knows law, understands its complexities and has over 20 years of experience to back you. She’s also set up and run 6 figure ecommerce business and growing. Riz understands business. She gets the scary, she gets the complicated and she understands where you’re coming from as a business and as a human being out to create something awesome!

We do law differently. We help people like you succeed without breaking the bank. We don’t waste your time, we get to know you as a person and as a brilliant mind so we can help your business grow. We don’t treat you like encyclopaedias. We get that legal jargon is complex, so we stay approachable and make learning about law when it comes to your business attainable. We don’t beat around the bush, we tell it like it is and expect you to do the same. Transparency is key. We want to get to know you and smash apart those lawyer stereotypes! We love dorky questions. We dig deep to find the answers you need so your business is always one step ahead of the curve. We also like wine. Is that worth sharing in the FAQs? We think so.

How much does a Trade Mark application cost?

Our trademark application service, priced at a total of $1999 + GST per application (excluding government fees), is structured in phases for your convenience and efficiency. Initially, we conduct a Viability Research phase. Should this reveal that your trademark is not viable, you'll only be charged for this phase, reducing the overall cost. This phased approach ensures you pay only for the steps taken, offering both transparency and value in protecting your brand.

What if I have more than one trade mark application?

For clients with multiple trademark applications, we offer a special discounted rate for secondary and subsequent applications, provided they fall within the same class of goods and services. This discount is our way of supporting your brand's growth and making the process more cost-effective for trademark protection. If you're planning to register multiple trademarks under the same class, please reach out to us for more details on our tailored pricing options.