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Hey, I’m Riz.

A lawyer of 20 years, ecommerce entrepreneur of 10 years and human of mind-your-own-beeswax years ;)

I’m not here to bamboozle you, or bore you to tears (though there may be a few from giggling). I’m here to make tricky legal things easier. To help you feel legally legit, and empowered ‘bout it.

TL;DR: I’ve been where you are. And I’m here to help you grow to where YOU want to be.

Get to know me...

As an 8-year-old

I begged Mum for a few pounds (I’m from Wales!), gave some dolls makeovers and sold them to parents of kindy kids so I could buy books (and pay mum back, of course!)

At 13 years old

Mum took me out of school to take over the household’s cooking and cleaning (led to believe that’s a woman’s role, but even then, I wasn’t buyin’ it).

At 16 years old

Mum signed me up for a sewing school, and kept all the money. On the down-low, I negotiated with my teachers to sew for half of the week and type the other half.

At 18 years old

I saw a role for a law firm’s office junior that paid hundreds more than sewing. But, Mum didn’t know I could type. So I had to sell them on my personality ;) It worked.

At 20 years old

After my eyes had opened to the world and seen that women can do anything… I travelled to Australia, then Scotland for a year of night and summer school.

At 24 years old

I studied at Scotland’s Aberdeen School of Law, worked at a supermarket at night and as a salesperson on weekends. 5 years on, I graduated and moved to Australia.

In 2010

I set up a men’s grooming ecommerce biz, and scaled it to 6 figures. I worked with designers, copywriters and photographers… who had no legal guide.

In 2019

When my IVF babies were 8 and 10, I started Foundd Legal. As a creative business owner, I saw a real need for industry-specific legal documents.


Throughout my life, creative thinking has always been my preferred way to overcome obstacles

If you’re here, my guess is that it's been yours, too. I’d love to help you feel legally legit in all your creative brilliance.


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“The templates are quality, easy to edit, very thorough and a great price!”

Jacqui Naunton
White Deer

“I feel confident in my final documents and highly recommend Foundd Legal.”

Karlee Imogen

Weekends are for

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A cheeky wine (or two)


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