Easy to use, fill-in-the-blanks contract templates for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

So you want to protect your business - but engaging a lawyer to create a custom contract is expensive. Maybe you're seriously thinking about doing a good ol' Google search and hoping for the best! * In best loudspeaker voice: * "Please step away from Google!" You may be breaching someone else's copyright or using a contract that's just not right for you and your business. We have a solution and it's the next best thing to hiring your own lawyer! In less time than it takes you to Google what you think you need, you can buy our custom contract templates drafted by high-quality, super-awesome lawyers! Not only are our contract templates in-depth, detail-driven, and drafted to be fair to both parties, they are custom-designed, industry-specific contract templates to help your business become legally legit and stay protected! Bonus: they cost a lot less than working one on one with a lawyer. Wins all around.

Our contract templates are drafted by highly qualified lawyers who understand your business pain points because we’ve been there too! The templates are fully customisable, instantly downloadable and even come with user guides. We've built our contract templates to be easily editable in word format so you can use these contract templates again and again. How awesome is that? So no more worrying about having a misunderstanding, when you might get paid, or whether your intellectual property is protected. With our custom templates, we’ve got you covered so you can stay legally legit.

How It Works

Step 1

Buy the template. Yup. Super simple. If we don't have the exact contract template you're looking for, let us know!

Step 2

Get the instant download of your new contract template! Woohoo!

Step 3

Once you have your perfect contract template, use our free guide to fill in the blanks and make it your own. It only takes about 10 - 20 minutes to complete!

Ready to go?

Need some guidance? We know this legal stuff can be overwhelming so if you’re unclear as to what contract template to buy, never fear! Just reach out and take us up on your consultation. We’ll help steer you in the right direction so you can purchase the template that’s best for you.