14 | 3 Things That Put Your Biz at Risk

14 | 3 Things That Put Your Biz at Risk

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Episode 14 of Legals and Biz with Riz! Today, I’ll be talking  about the 3 things that could be putting your business at risk.

When you have put every ounce of yourself into something - a new business, a new project or idea - you want to make sure that it has legs to stand on and that it’ll be a success. Watching all of that blood, sweat and tears crash down around you would be a devastating thing! And we refuse to stand by and let it happen! So. Here are a few things to think about while you’re sweating and tearing and…blood letting…? That’s a weird saying. But, we digress.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here are 3 things that put your business at risk.

1️⃣ Not having a privacy policy. Get on this. It’s a legal requirement if you’re having clients or customers sharing any information with you at all, even just an email address for your newsletter. Cover your arse.

2️⃣ Not having legal contracts. A pinky promise or a hand shake just doesn’t cut it these days, folks. You have to get everything down on paper. Due dates. Pay rates. Number of revisions. Scope. Rights. Then make sure both parties sign on the dotted lines.

3️⃣ Not trade marking your brilliant brand and business! You may be thinking, hey I’ll get there once I start making money. But that’s a big ol’ mistake, friends. By that point, someone else could have swept your brilliant brand or business name right out from under you. Because you know, people can be jerks sometimes. So when you know you’re in it to win it, get on the trade mark.

These 3 steps can get you started on the right foot early on, so you can stay focused on your brilliant ideas and building that empire! Now get to it, friends!


Privacy Act - Small Business (oaic.gov.au)

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