A Legally Legit Booking Process

A Legally Legit Booking Process

There are a couple of ways in which you can get those gorgeous rules of play for your biz out into the world. Before you jump into the proverbial game, it’s important everyone is on the same page, so you don’t end up in that sin bin. Foul box. On the sidelines. With a big-arse bill to pay! You get the drift...so…

Get your terms sorted aka get your shite together!

First of all, you need to tell your clients and customers what the rules of play are when working with your businesses. This may be in the form of a Services Agreement for more bespoke custom work (how hip are we, dropping the word ‘bespoke’), or could be, for example, salon rules or terms and conditions in the case of beauty businesses. Either way, it’s always going to be difficult to say when something’s wrong or right if no one knows the rules! I mean, talk about confusing. 

Make sure they’re seen!

Making sure your rules are seen is much easier for agreement type rules where you and the client each sign at the bottom of the agreement to indicate that you’ve accepted the terms. They’re there, in your faces, waiting to be signed.

For other types of arrangements though, ones that don’t need signatures, they’re often “agreed to” by actions, such as clicking “I agree” on a website, continuing to use a service or booking something. Here, it becomes super important to be able to show that your client had the opportunity to see the rules BEFORE they booked in and engaged with your services.  Otherwise it’s like letting someone onto a netball court without telling them they can’t run with the ball, and then continuously pulling them up for stepping (if you need a less sporty example, just hit us up. We’re well rounded up in here). I’d put a footy reference in here, too, but I straight up don’t understand the rules. That being said, if someone asks me to play, they’d have to tell me about them before I go on. Get it?

One of the best ways of doing this is to include them in the booking system that you use. This can include a link to your terms on your booking platform.

TOP TIP: It’s easier to show that your client saw the terms if there is an ‘I Agree’ box that they need to tick before they can confirm their booking. So make that happen.

Follow Up

While your client may have confirmed that they accepted the terms when they were booking, they’re probably super busy just like you and might have completely forgotten that they did this.  So keep the reminders flowing - we’re talking stage-five-bachelor-in-paradise-type-clinger reminding - that you’ve got a date with them next week (nearly, sort of, kinda almost but maybe not quite that bad).

If you send confirmation of booking notices, include a link to the terms and conditions and remind your clients that they agreed to the terms. If you send a text or reminder a few days before with the “Y to confirm, C to cancel” line, add the link in here and remind them about it there. Then if they’re coming to a physical store to have their services, have them done up pretty and display them in the store/salon. There are a number of ways you can keep them in the know, you know?

As always, if you want to make sure your rules of play (or terms and conditions) are up to scratch reach out.   If you’ve got your terms sorted but want to make sure that you’ve got the processes in place to support them, book in for a half hour strategy session with us.  Head to our website to book your consultation. Make some magic, people!

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