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Sound Familiar?

You're a

a) creative entrepreneur

b) #smallbizboss who thinks big

c) little bit lost when it comes to legals

Aaand you need a:

a) legally legit biz

b) legalese interpreter

c) simple, stress-free way to cover your arse

Well hey there, new friend. You've come to the right place for d) all of the above ;)

You started your business for the flexibility, to help peeps far and wide & to make an epic impact

To experience the freedom to forever expand and be in control of the potential to become a change-maker and grow!

And someone once said: if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. But you’re calling BS, because you work damn hard. So, I know you’d rather be rugged up with a FRIENDS marathon. Planning your next adventure. Exploring new eateries. Or even on your Pilates mat. But right now you’re here.

You being here tells me three things:

You’re taking your biz super seriously (yay to you!)

You’re ready to step outta being a ‘creative’ and into identifying as a ‘creative professional’

You have great taste ;)

It also tells me you’ve had it up to *here* with:

Scope creep

Not getting paid

Copycats stealing your content

Rebranding every time others dig, then snag your IP

Googling and risking a copy and paste job (bad karma. Also illegal)

Whether you’ve pieced together contract clauses, worked with other lawyers (but been left confused AF) or got zero legal legitness..

Deep down in that marshmallow heart of yours, you’re worried your biz isn’t covered. That maybe things aren’t running as they should. And long-term? You’re concerned it’ll come ‘round to bite you (hey, that hurts!). Let’s face it, you don’t feel 100% legally secure, and you’re questioning whether you’re acting in the best interests of your clients (and yourself!).

Say, see ya, sucker! to expensive, boring & confusing legals

It’s easy to think that working with a lawyer will cost a shite-load of money (like, thousands? Bajillions? Who knows). As a small business, too, we get that
budget’s important. Plus, you wanna understand what you’re getting (and a coupla’ giggles along the way would be nice).

That’s why we offer:
Affordable template options ft. guides
Fixed fee pricing for custom legal support
Free consults and paperwork run-throughs
Comprehensive (and cheeky) service

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Check out our huge selection of
industry-specific contracts,
agreements and way more, with a
side of guides included. Just fill in the blanks and you’re good to go!

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Never stop learning? Never stop
growing. Stay on your online biz legal a-game with step-by-step info to protect and build your empire the legally legit way.

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Hey I'm Riz

Foundd-er & Director
Lawyer of 20 years
Ecommerce Entrepreneur of 10 years
Creative thinker of (mind your own beeswax) years ;)

As a creative entrepreneur myself (more on that soon), I bring first-hand experience, insight and legal know-how to all the tricky processes and challenges you face as a creative entrepreneur.

I’m not here to bamboozle you, or bore you to tears (though there may be a few from giggling). Foundd Legal exists to make tricky legal things easier, less booooorrrring and way more #partyvibes. Because I want you to feel legally legit (and empowered ‘bout it).

TLDR: I’ve been where you are. And I’m here to help you grow to where YOU want to be.

Let's Chat

Riz, you seem like my kinda gal.
But how do *you* know what *I* need?

You and I, we’re fiercely similar. Let me explain:

My earliest business experience was at the age of 8. Teeny Riz wanted to buy some books. Naturally, I wriggled on my thinking cap, begged mum for a few pounds (and promised to pay her back), bought a coupla’ dolls from a garage sale (jumble sale back in Wales). I scrubbed them clean, brushed their hair, washed their pretty pink and yellow dresses… then sat them in our front garden. As the school bell rang and the kindy kids spilled out, these pretty dolls caught their eyes. One after the other, the kids convinced their parents to buy them. I paid mum back and bought my books that day. In the years following, I used creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to negotiate all kinds of things…

“Girls only cook and clean. ”
I call BS

It seems bonkers now, but at 13, I was taken out of school. Why? So I could take over the household’s cooking and cleaning while my mum socialised. I was brought up to believe that this was a woman’s role. But even then, I wasn’t buyin’ it.

Fast-forward to age 16, when my mum caught wind of a youth training team that taught you how to sew. She signed me up, and each fortnight I was paid, my mum would keep all the money.

I soon discovered that the training team offered a typing course. So, I made a deal with the director (on the down-low, so my parents wouldn’t find out). And negotiated to sew half the week and learn to type the other half. He agreed. I got to work.

The cheeky office junior

A little while later, a job came up to work as an office junior in a law firm. I would’ve killed for that job! But remember, mum had no idea I could type… So I had to think on my feet. I told my mum how unfortunate it was that I couldn’t take on this opportunity. After all, it paid 600 pounds a month (hundreds more than the sewing)! My mum said, ‘leave it with me, I’ll sort it out with your dad’.

Miraculously, I got the job. Without being able to tell the firm about my typing #skillz, I had to sell them on my personality. Luckily, they liked it.

I wouldn’t see a cent of my hard work (my mum took that too). But I couldn’t have been more delighted. Mum cheered for the money. I cheered because I, y’know, got the job.

Women can be anything

That job opened my eyes to the world. I met amazing women. Powerful women. Friendly women. Women in respected roles who were achieving incredible things.

I soon realised that the message my mum had given me all my childhood was wrong. Women really could achieve anything.

These brilliant women I met led me to decide that one day, I was going to be a lawyer.

I’d negotiated my way here – so why not try again? I bargained another deal with my mum and went to night school to do some extra learning.

After graduation, I left home, travelled from Wales to Australia – then to Scotland and spent the next year doing night school and summer school.

Negotiating my way into a law degree

I landed an interview with the dmissions officer at Aberdeen School of Law, and convinced him to allow me in, despite the school’s strict entry requirements. Then at 24, I began studying law.

To pay my way through school I worked an evening job at a supermarket and convinced petrol stations around the North of Scotland to buy the brand of ice cream I was promoting on weekends. Then, every summer until graduation, I worked with a law firm.

For the next 5 years, I worked in law firms in Scotland before moving to Australia to continue working in law.

Creative thinking is a superpower

As well as being passionate about law, coming up with creative ways to grow and adapt businesses has also been just as transformative for me over the years.

In 2010, I set up an ecommerce business selling grooming products. That exact store rose to 6-figures through hard work, creative thinking, perseverance and a can-do attitude. I learnt so much from running this business (especially the fuck-ups!).

When my kids (who were IVF babies) were 8 and 10, I started Foundd Legal. And through my understanding of the pain points creative business owners deal with on a daily basis, I began designing affordable industry-specific templates.

Throughout my life, overcoming obstacles has remained constant. Creative thinking has always been my preferred way to overcome things that have stood in my way. And if you’re here, my guess is that it's been yours, too. I’d love to help you feel legally legit in all your creative brilliance.

In my ‘spare’ time, you’ll find me:

Running after my two kids, Ella and Gabriel

Entertaining my two pups, Ronnie and Reggie

Sipping a glass of wine (or two) as a chaser

My secret to staying happy (and sane) during work-life limbo? To find out...


I can't wait to meet you! (BYO limbo stick)

Meet the Foundd Legal team

Rebecca Mync

Lawyer and Intellectual Property Specialist

Rebecca is a qualified Lawyer, creative industries graduate and has over a decade of experience in Legal and Education industries.

Rebecca says that Foundd's already like her new home as it reminds her of why she began studying law all those years ago – wanting to work collaboratively with creative clients to help them achieve their legal and biz goals, while stoking the flame of her love for all things intellectual property.

In Bec's spare time, you can find her cooking up yummy new vegan meals, planning home renos, or reading while listening to her Frenchie (Potato by name, potato by nature) happily snoring away.

Brit Stevens

Lawyer, Client Services Manager & Cat Lady

Brit’s spent the last decade helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true (and she’s not slowing down any time soon). As our resident #contractqueen and legalese simplifier with unmatched attention to detail, Brit’s particularly passionate about creative businesses.

In another life, Brit would’ve been a wedding stylist (but we’re glad she’s in this life, so we can keep her mwahaha). In Brit’s (limited) spare time, you’ll find her honing her calligraphy skills, road-trippin’ to the country or scouring boutiques for vintage finds.

If you ask nicely (or at all, really), she’ll probably introduce you to Choux (the floofiest kitty you ever did see) on Zoom.

Paulo Piran

Operations Manager

Paulo is not your typical nerd. Well – maybe he is. Many years ago, he graduated with an electrical engineering degree and has been in love with the scientific method ever since, which explains his hands-on approach to problem solving! Curious about everything, he's spent the past few years studying all things project management, business intelligence, systems and processes, and learning about as many different programs as possible.
When Paulo's not behind the scenes making sure Foundd's machinery is running smoothly, he can be found cooking the most delicious of vegan meals, playing sports and video games, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, or road-tripping with his beautiful wife Jaque and their campervan Iluka.

Core Values

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We have taken the jargon, heavy (but important) documents and processes and dissected it into easy to understand bite-sized consumable concepts.

By simplifying the world of law we empower small, independent, creative business owners to use legal practices to grow their businesses. We're no fluff, taking the guess-work out so everyone has the right to impartial, accurate legal advice.


At Foundd Legal, we place importance on treating humans like humans, not encyclopaedias or companies who know every complicated and technical detail.

We separate ourselves from competitors by being approachable in language and attitude to present legal services as an attainable, everyday essential.


The legal system is designed to be transparent, useful and helpful for everyone. However, to most people business law can seem too hard, too complex and goes straight in the too hard basket.

We're here to change that perception by being fully transparent, open and honest lawyers who are both true to ourselves and our clients. Transparency is essential to building trust with our clients and presenting law in a positive, beneficial light.


We have answers to the questions our clients can't find consistently on Google and solutions to the problems other lawyers disregarded. We love curly questions, the simple ones and those that get our geeky lawyer senses excited.

The more we explore, the more we learn. By showing our clients we're prepared to do the research, and we are open to every question - this conveys not only our approachability but also our willingness to dig deeper

Who works with Foundd?

We work with determined, creative and passionate humans like you. You’re revved up and ready to step into your own, legally legit biz. Whether you’re a side-hustler-turned-bizowner, a couple of years in or a brilliant mind ready to scale and move closer to that 7-figure stage. We’re here for you. If you’re living your best life and happy with your current state of awesome but simply want to get more legally legit, we’re so down with that. Wherever you’re at in your business journey, we’re here to help you feel empowered and provide you with the right resources to get – and stay – legally legit.

Meet the #Foundders

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the most
passionate, dedicated, talented and kind-hearted humans in the country. Lucky us!

It’s time to throw your paperwork a party

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Fill in the blanks legal templates for savvy creative entrepreneurs.

Because why drink cheap liquor and pay a lawyer thousands of dollars, when one of our affordable templates could be just what you’re after? Now, where’s that Moët?

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Think: your very own (awesome AF) lawyer on-tap to support you through all things legal. As fellow entrepreneurs, we truly understand your creative business. Plus, our competitive fixed rates mean your brand’s solutions are always customised minus bank account *gasp!*s & if we already have a template for what you’re after, we’ll send you there instead.

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We’re honoured to have been featured as industry experts and guests in a number of publications, podcasts and events both locally and nationally.

Whether you’re a creative side-hustler, solopreneur or scale-upperer, we offer legal support that makes becoming legally legit like a party for your paperwork

At Foundd Legal, we're crazy passionate about helping you – an exceptional creative – explore the digital business landscape legally and knowledgeably, so you can become legally legit (without expenno mistakes). You have a helluva lot to offer. Let us help you navigate the tricky law stuff – so you can get back to growing your kickarse creative online biz. Let’s Get Legit!