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Let’s be honest: reading a long contract is an absolute snoozefest. But you can’t afford to sign something that could be risky business (and not in a cute Tom Cruise way). Let us take out all the confusing, boring and plain old bananas stuff that comes along with reviewing a business contract someone’s sent to you and asked you to sign in blood. Okay, probably in pen (but maybe in blood). Good news: we’re lawyers who love law (kinda goes without saying). We also love reviewing contracts. Identifying clauses, gaps and areas of concern. All in the name of protecting your business so it can thrive. Can I get a #yasqueen?

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Q. When is it time for a contract review?

So, a fresh contract’s slid into your inbox, across your desk or into your hands. The only problem? You don’t know what the hell it all means.

Here’s your solution.

Just like heading to a specialist for surgery, using a calculator for maths stuff and asking the waiter for his recommendation on the best drop of red. When you need to make sure you’re making the professionally approved, most accurate and downright tastiest legal move – you ask someone who knows their stuff. Getting a contract review is no different. The whole point of a contract review is to make sure you and your business are protected. It’s also to identify whether there are any nasty things in the contract that could negatively affect you. The last thing you want is to accidentally sign over your intellectual property or realise you can’t terminate when you need to. That’d be a stinker. It’s time to get legit!



Your legit contract review package includes:

$1495 + GST

- Discovery – Book your call where we’ll go over the contract you’d like reviewed and any questions you have for us about the process

- Review – We run through the terms of your contract and let you know your risks, rights and obligations as well as any changes we recommend you should negotiate. You’ll understand exactly what’s in your contract in real-world words!


Note: This service doesn’t include making edits or changes. If you require changes to be made, we’ll quote you separately for that.

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Frequently asked questions

How does a contract review work and why do I need one?

Reviewing a contract can be straightforward or it can be complex, it depends on a number of factors, including what the subject matter is. The other problem with contracts? They can be drafted in a way that is very one-sided and no one’s going to tell you that. Why would they!?

If you receive a contract, it’s important to ensure that you understand what the terms and conditions are and how they impact you.  For example, if you own intellectual property, is it your intent to assign (i.e. transfer ownership) or retain but licence it to the other party?  You’d need to ensure that your contract reflects what you intend. We’ll review the contract and through our complimentary consultation will talk you through the contract and provide you with our feedback together with suggested changes.

Why Foundd Legal? Who the heck are you anyway?

Foundd Legal keeps it real and keeps it simple. We’re a totally online law firm with high level business expertise, here to help creative startups, entrepreneurs, small business and influencers wrap their heads around the confusing, frustrating and sometimes convoluted world of law. You’re reading these FAQs, so we’re guessing that’s you! We aim to make starting your business easy, fuss free and dare we say - fun, by providing you with resources and legal services, both packaged and a la carte, perfect for your business! We’re straight-shooting, accessible and uncomplicated. We want to be your wingmen. Your sidekicks. Your go-to for all things #nextgenlaw 

What makes you different from other law firms?

Foundd Director and Principal Riz McDonald knows law, understands its complexities and has over 20 years of experience to back you. She’s also over the last 10 years set up and run ecommerce businesses like a boss. She gets the scary, she gets the complicated and she understands where you’re coming from as a business and as a human being out to create something awesome!

We do law differently. We help people like you succeed without breaking the bank by offering fixed fees and we can do that because we run our firm virtually. That means lower overheads, which means you benefit with fixed fees! How amazing is that? We don’t waste your time and we get to know you as a person and as a brilliant mind so we can help your business grow. We don’t treat you like encyclopedias. We get that legal jargon is complex, so we stay approachable and make learning about law when it comes to your business attainable.

How much does a contract review cost?

Our contract review services start at $1495+GST.