Need a contract drafted by a qualified lawyer?

Our qualified lawyers’ affordable contract drafting services are for creatives, startups and small businesses. We work with you to provide straightforward, easy to comprehend feedback so you feel confident signing on the dotted line.

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Need a contract drafted by a qualified lawyer?
We help make your business legals easy to understand, and exactly what you need. We will send along your quote within 1 business day!

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Need a contract drafted by a qualified lawyer?

Why do I need a contract drafted?

Why do I need a contract drafted?

While you’re busy focusing on running your business, the nitty gritty of new contract details may not be at the forefront of your mind, or maybe you just don’t have the legal knowledge you need to feel secure your contract has everything you need such as clear payment terms, scope of work, protect intellectual property, ability to resolve a dispute etc. Building a business from the ground up is hard work, and getting contractors, employees and clients onside takes time. In order to secure those business relationships so every party is legally protected, having a contract drafted by a qualified lawyer will help you feel more confident in the knowledge that your contract has been properly constructed and is legally sound.


Welcome to Foundd Legal

Welcome to Foundd Legal


Our Legit Contract Drafting Service includes:

We consult with you to discuss your business, pain points, needs and what you’re all about. From there, we help put together a customised contract that is unique to you and your business. We’ll be sure you understand everything in your contract clearly.

Fixed fee pricing - So you know what you’ll pay and when, without any sneaky added fees.

Follow up consultation (free!) - Because we care! And we want to know if you need us to work any more magic on your contract.

Quick turnaround - We know you’re busy and your contracts are key to a successful start. So we offer you a quick turnaround so you can stay on your A-Game..

How it works


Connect & Quote

Let us know what service you need from us, and we’ll send you a fixed fee quote and start you on your legally legit journey.


Click & Accept

Review your fixed fee quote and if you love what you see, hit accept and we’ll make a date. So exciting!


Talk to us

We’ll talk with you about the job, learn about what you need and get all of the right information from you to give you the perfect product.


You just got legit

You receive the completed job! Now you’re officially legally legit! Cheers!


We're so glad you asked!


A few of our happy clients!


I have been following Foundd Legal on Instagram for a few months prior to reaching out to Riz. I found the content educational and glad that I found Legal Services tailored to people who have a creative business.

I am happy with the service and not only was the service great, I learnt more about Legals. Something that I have been putting off in my business. My advice to people looking for Legal Service advice or assistance, don't DIY but invest in it and consult Foundd Legal!

Thank you for everything Riz!


Norfolk Design Co.

Riz is not only an amazing and highly knowledgeable lawyer, but is incredibly kind and passionate about your business - no matter what it is, she wants to help you succeed. We are so grateful for her templates that make our day to day client and contractor interactions super easy and stress-free, and for her support as our company grows. I can’t recommend Riz and Foundd Legal enough if you have any sort of business and want to be legally sound with the bonus of being supported by a real powerhouse.


G'Day Frank

Riz is fantastic and someone that is tremendously helpful and insightful when it came to advising the process and implementation of trademarking for our business.


Sevah Creative

Rizwana perfectly blends a professional service with friendly personal touch. She makes understanding the legal world for a new business a breeze. The entire process felt easy, and we're now confident we have all our legal documents and needs covered. We will definitely be using Riz again and highly recommend Foundd Legal for new business, creative and entrepreneurs.

Mark Norris

Be Found Digital Marketing

We took advantage of the free consultation to review our existing website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as we know they were dated. The feedback was extremely valuable. We ended up purchasing 2 new templates at a fraction of the cost of what it would have cost to use a traditional law firm. Thanks for your help Riz.



I knew I needed help with writing my website Terms & Conditions and client contracts, but I had no idea who could help or how much it 'should' cost. Riz made the whole process easy from the very start. She was thorough and patient in explaining exactly what I needed to do, how long it would take and how much it would cost. Riz doesn't speak legalese, and she took the time to help me understand and feel comfortable with the important legal aspects of business that I need to be covered for. I can't recommend Foundd Legal highly enough.

Frequently asked questions

Why Foundd Legal? Who the heck are you anyway?

Foundd Legal keeps it real and keeps it simple. We’re a totally online law firm with high level business expertise, here to help creative startups, entrepreneurs, small business and influencers wrap their heads around the confusing, frustrating and sometimes convoluted world of law. You’re reading these FAQs, so we’re guessing that’s you! We aim to make starting your business easy, fuss free and dare we say - fun, by providing you with resources and legal services, both packaged and a la carte, perfect for your business! We’re straight-shooting, accessible and uncomplicated. We want to be your wingmen. Your sidekicks. Your go-to for all things #nextgenlaw

What makes you different from other law firms?

Foundd Director and Principal Riz McDonald knows law, understands its complexities and has over 16 years of experience to back you. She’s also set up and run ecommerce businesses like a boss. She gets the scary, she gets the complicated and she understands where you’re coming from as a business and as a human being out to create something awesome!

We do law differently. We help people like you succeed without breaking the bank by offering fixed fees and we can do that because we run our firm virtually. That means lower overheads, which means you benefit with fixed fees! How amazing is that? We don’t waste your time and we get to know you as a person and as a brilliant mind so we can help your business grow. We don’t treat you like encyclopedias. We get that legal jargon is complex, so we stay approachable and make learning about law when it comes to your business attainable. 

How much does drafting a contract cost?

Our contract drafting services start at $990+GST. This sweet treat of a fixed fee includes a follow up consultation with a lawyer, free user guide and a bonus step by step video tutorial. Winning!


Simplify your Legals with Foundd Legal

Get your fixed fee quote!
Simplify your Legals with Foundd Legal
We help make your business legals easy to understand, and exactly what you need. We will send along your quote within 1 business day!

By submitting this form, you agree to receive emails from Foundd Legal. Keep in mind that you can unsubscribe at any time (no hard feelings!). Privacy Policy

Simplify your Legals with Foundd Legal