Contract drafting for stellar creative entrepreneurs

Score a custom contract & finally know you’re legally legit!

Whether you’re onboarding staff, embarking on a new business venture or want to finally rest easy knowing your business’s backend is legally sound (beg your pardon!). Allow one of our legit lawyers to draft a contract customised to your exact business needs. We’re the 100% online business lawyers dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs like you get legally legit like it’s no one’s business (except yours!).

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Custom contracts starting from just $1800+GST

You’re a couple of clicks away from custom legal protection for your awesome biz. All finalised within 2 weeks*! Chat with one of our super nice (little bit cheeky) legally legit lawyers who’ve got your back
and contracts.

*Even faster if you need. #yourewelcome


Very professional and efficient service

“I feel very organised and secure knowing I have all the legal pieces of the business in place. Highly recommend!”

- Aynsley, Aynsley Jurson

Custom contract ready for my launch!

“Riz went through every point in the agreement to make sure I understood it. Great value, efficient work. Really lovely to work with.”

- Jacqui, By Jacs

A delight to work with

“Foundd Legal is an AMAZING resource! Riz was a delight to work with when I got a custom contract.”

- Jacqui N, White Deer


We draft contracts for

Payment Terms

Scope of work

IP Protection

Dispute Resolution

... And *so* much more

2 Week Turnaround

Fixed Fee Pricing

Q. When do you need a custom contract?

Here at Foundd Legal we’re a little bit obsessed with legal templates for creatives. But if your legal needs fall outside the norm, get damn excited because our team of online lawyers have gotchu, too.

Spoiler alert: creative businesses like yours don’t always fit inside neat boxes. After all, where’s the fun in that? So when you’re ready to secure relationships, supplier lines get a little blurred, or one too many clients miss their payment date. You want, nay, *need* custom support. Because, let’s face it. As a business owner, you don’t have 537 hours to piece together ‘kinda okay’ legal documents. And you don’t have (or, hell, even want) the legal knowledge needed to know you’re completely covered. That’s where our qualified lawyers come in: to completely customise and draft a properly constructed contract for you. Feel confident AF knowing your business is legally legit.



Inside your contract drafting package:

$1800 + GST

- Discovery – Book your call where we’ll determine the type of contract you need drafted, uncover specific terms to include and take a closer look at your business (and what you need protected)

- Delivery – You’ll receive your drafted contract customised to your business within 2 weeks (or faster if you need!)

- Follow up – We’ll explain what’s inside your contract and answer all your questions, so you know exactly what you’re covered for and how to explain the terms to your clients!


Why Us?
So glad you asked!

How It Works

Contract drafting is easy-peasy. The best part? It’s all wrapped up within 2 weeks, so you can get back to growing your empire!

Step 1

Book your contract drafting consult. We’ll tell you your quote straight up

Step 2

Review your quote. Smiling? Click accept and you’re all locked in!

Step 3

Once your contract’s drafted, we’ll schedule a call to run through the lot

Step 4

Start using your custom contract knowing you’re protected!

Frequently asked questions

Why Foundd Legal? Who the heck are you anyway?

Foundd Legal keeps it real and keeps it simple. We’re here to help creative startups, entrepreneurs, small business and influencers wrap their heads around the confusing, frustrating and sometimes convoluted world of law. You’re reading these FAQs, so we’re guessing that’s you! We aim to make starting your business easy, fuss free and dare we say - fun, by providing you with resources and legal services, both packaged and a la carte, perfect for your business! We’re straight-shooting, accessible and uncomplicated. We want to be your wingmen. Your sidekicks. Your go-to for all things #nextgenlaw 

What makes you different from other law firms?

Foundd Founder and Principal Riz McDonald knows law, understands its complexities and has over 20 years of experience to back you. She’s also set up and run 6 figure ecommerce business and growing. Riz understands business. She gets the scary, she gets the complicated and she understands where you’re coming from as a business and as a human being out to create something awesome!

We do law differently. We help people like you succeed without breaking the bank. We don’t waste your time, we get to know you as a person and as a brilliant mind so we can help your business grow. We don’t treat you like encyclopaedias. We get that legal jargon is complex, so we stay approachable and make learning about law when it comes to your business attainable. We don’t beat around the bush, we tell it like it is and expect you to do the same. Transparency is key. We want to get to know you and smash apart those lawyer stereotypes! We love dorky questions. We dig deep to find the answers you need so your business is always one step ahead of the curve. We also like wine. Is that worth sharing in the FAQs? We think so.

How much does drafting a contract cost?

Our contract drafting services start at $1800+GST. This sweet treat of a fixed fee includes a free user guide and a bonus step by step video tutorial. Winning!