Looking for a business lawyer?

Look no further. We support small to medium businesses, startups and creatives with affordable fixed rate fees. You know you want us.

We totally understand that it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re setting up a new business. There are so many costs and expenses to worry about and let’s be real, spending money on your business can make you feel a little...yuck. We know you’ve probably spent hours putting together awesome content for your Instagram posts, maybe you’ve agonised over how your website should look and spent a whole heap of time and energy writing your blogs. Basically, you’ve spent hundreds of hours making your brand look absolutely awesome. But did you even consider what legal protection you should have before launching? Or was that project simply hanging out in the ‘way too expensive’ bucket?

It’s super important to give your legal requirements the same care and consideration as your branding and it doesn’t have to cost a year’s worth of rent. Or your first born. At Foundd Legal we provide a number of legal services that include our custom services and our subscription services as well as our templates. We have qualified business lawyers on standby. How awesome is that?

At Foundd Legal, we’ll set up a free consultation to talk to you about your needs and provide you with a fixed fee quote at no cost. We want you to receive legal services and support that you actually need, not what will make us the most money. Let our business lawyers take charge of the complicated so we can uncomplicate it for you. So listen up, if you want support and guidance with all your commercial law matters that have:
- Quick turnarounds
- Low cost, fixed fees
- Experienced lawyers

Then hit us up.

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Ways we can help.

We can provide you with assistance for the following:

Drafting / reviewing business contracts

Protecting your Brand and Intellectual Property
(registration of Trademarks)

Employment matters

Co-working licences

Negotiating commercial terms

Business set up

Online business set up

New Hire Employment Contracts


Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

We provide fixed fee legal services, so you’ll always know upfront what your legal costs are.  We even offer subscription packages if you want to spread out the costs over 12 months! Don’t get stuck with those sneaky extra costs.

How quickly can you do the work?

Once we have an understanding of what you need, have your instructions and any necessary documentation and information, we can get to work and turn things around within 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of the matter. We get down to work so you can get your business booming as soon as possible!